Salvia Trip

\"Don\'t fall into the sky!\"


Posted by Rubix on 06/04/2010
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Method of Ingestion:glass bong

My first trip began with me seeing my fingers merge into the lines of the rug's patterns. My boyfriend and I were sitting in our dimly-lit living room in total silence, but suddenly his phone vibrated and he started talking to his friend just as things started to get really weird for me. My perception became distorted and I began to forget where I was.

The best I can describe it is as if reality were a rubix cube. If you imagine each side of a rubix cube as being another dimension, it was as if I was on one side, being constantly rotated to line up with another reality. This wasn't what it looked like to me at the time, but purely how it felt and the best way I can describe it in a way others can understand. I was trying to speak to my boyfriend through all of these 'rotations', but he was in a dimension I was leaving behind with each turn. I kept trying to make out where he was as if I had to try and see him through a 'magic eye' illusion and work out which colours within my vision would offer me a window through to where he was sitting. I began screaming at him to get off the phone over and over until he eventually had to hang up on his friend. It felt like what I had to tell him was incredibly important. I wanted him to know I was about to go to another world, and that I may never return. I struggled with every word as I tried to cling onto the memory of who I was long enough to let him know I was going somewhere. I didn't know if I'd ever find my way back.

I then started to come out of it and found myself sitting in the middle of the living room floor. I was very annoyed because I wanted to see what this other world I was going to was like, but I couldn't fully let go. It was as if I was stuck inbetween worlds the whole time, both struggling to leave and struggling to stay and not forget the real world.

The second time I tried it, a few minutes later, I was staring at the other end of our corner sofa and became convinced that the side of it was actually the part you would 'walk on' and when I looked at my boyfriend sitting next to me, I was incredibly confused because that's what I thought was supposed to be the side of it. I kept saying how I thought it was 'ridiculous that everything was the wrong way up' and when he got up and walked across the carpet, I shouted at him to watch out because he would 'fall into the sky'. I thought we were on scaffolding, really high up above a cityscape and gravity was going in the wrong direction. My perception had completely turned sideways.

During both trips I felt as i I had split into two people. One person who existed fully in the trip environment and the other being the usual me. I found myself laughing at what my other self was saying a lot of the time and I wasn't sure which person I wanted to be because I didn't want to lose either of my selves.


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