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1st time on 5x


Posted by Anonymous on 21/07/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Small pipe+lighter

I've done acid once, coke couple of times, Ecstacy several times and weed many many times in my 48 years on this planet. I believe myself to be fairly in control of myself, and felt I would be ok to do this on my own. I relaxed, set some nice music going (GOL - Sensations of Tone which seemed appropriate tripping music), and set Winamp going with its Visualisations full screen (they send me without any drugs!). Its very warm tonight and I have a fan going to cool myself. Also I took note of people saying to remain static and not move around too much, and with the possibility of hysterical laughing I shut all the windows too so as not to alarm the neighbours! With respect to the various reports I had read from people I relaxed and prepared myself with excitement/trepidation for what would happen. With weed I know what to expect and can make the most of just a small amount, thru relaxing and lying down I've had some very nice trips, and think I know how to direct my thoughts.
1st hit: Not too much to start - a large pinch, lit with plenty of flame to get it all burning brightly and breathed in gently, but fully, then held. The smoke was an interesting taste, and I really didn't expect it to come on so quickly. I began to feel like there was a kind of divide in the middle of my throat and body, almost like everything around me was starting to move apart and away from me. Within about a minute the visualizations on my computer screen were becoming very intense, and beautifully synced with the music. I had to keep looking around the room, away from the screen so as to "ground" myself.
2nd hit: Bit more confidence, but still being wary. This time experiencing very strange spacial awareness and loving the effect I wanted to get up and move around to "play with it". Beginning to understand why people say you should have someone watch over you, but at this stage I was still blissfully unaware that I had not yet got a real hit. Think I was comparing it too much with the slow build of marijuana.
3rd hit: Much larger pinch in my pipe, lit with full flame to really heat up the stuff, and really drew fast and deep. This time I was thru in my bedroom, having walked from my office, and the landing, and passed the top of the stairs. Suddenly that same dividing, away motion started again, and I suddenly found myself walking out of the bedroom, like something was trying to make me go down the stairs, and starting to get a little panicky I forced myself the other side of the stairs. I then noticed myself breathing quite hard, and starting to panic more, like I was getting afraid of the stairs and might fall down them. I can only remember looking down at my bare feet, and saying to myself to get back in the bedroom. I managed to sit myself back on the bed, and was breathing quite hard, and feeling out of control. In my mind I was having to say, slow down, chill out, its ok, relax, breath slowly, and then touched my arm with my other hand to try and ground myself with reality, and started to regain my balance again. Shit, I was worried I was going to die I felt so out of control, but 2 or 3 minutes later I was feeling more calm.

This is just 5x.

Question: Is this fast breathing, paranoia just my concerns being amplified? Is it "normal" and what I should expect? Should I relax more?

I've got some 20x, and just wondering what advice other people can give before I go there?



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Posted by grimjim on 07/21/2010
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I wrote the post above (wasn't logged in). I've just done another hit, lying on my bed, and suddenly realised (got out of bed and turned computer back on to tell you this) the wierd, strange feelings I was experiencing as the rush came on, was me simply "feeling" and suddenly being massively aware of all the sensations in my body, smell, tastes in my mouth, tenseness in my shoulders, tiredness, my position, at such an intensity I have never known before, and my head was thinking, What the hell are all those sensations? so much so that I wasn't recognizing them as being simply my own body!!! Bizarre, why would I be worried about my own body! It was like, oh fuck, here comes the same feeling like the 3rd hit - I'm moving out of my body, I shouldn't do that! But I reckon the 5x is only putting me on the cusp of the true trip people here talk about.


Posted by grimjim on 08/21/2010
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I get this feeling a lot on Sally. It's as if your attention is drawn to, and intensifies, any particular feeling in your body, eg the feeling of your Tongue against the roof of your mouth. Or the edge of things you're looking at, difficult to explain. And it feels like it's at right angles to itself. And it's like your consciousness has stepped backwards from this Edge of your body into another place, away from your body and reality. To me this Edge feels like a very clear boundary in the experience of the Salvia trip.

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