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2-D rotating world


Posted by Anonymous on 11/04/2010
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For my first time, i took turns with 3 buddies we each would trip right after one finished so we had 3 babysitters essentially. I went second after my friend kinda just sat there with his mouth wide open eyes wide open drooling and not saying a word. I packed the bowl piece completely full and sniffed the weird unpleasant fishy odor before i lit it. It was a black color and not in nugs like weed.

I lit the bowl and got it cherried and continued to inhale for 25 seconds (theres a video) until i sucked it completely through and held it in for another 15 seconds until i released a massive cloud. After i exhaled it was like the cloud of smoke in front of my face ushered me into a different dimension at first i felt extremely baked like when you just stare at something for no reason and you cant seem to look away that lasted for about 20 seconds until my friend convinced me to sit down we were smoking outside of his ford explorer. i finally sat down and then boom straight hallucinations i had no clue where i was, what i was, what anything was i had no clue of any existence. All i saw were what i can only explain as kaleidoscopes images in front of me twisting and turning i tried to reach for them and touch them but i had no arms no body at all as far as i knew i was a floating pair of eyes. The most disturbing thing was they were playing clint eastwood by the gorrilas on his stereo and blasting it too. There was one part where theres a bird that tweets and in my vision i could see the sound of the tweets like i was hearing sounds with my eyes. It was ridiculous i also heard a voice which was my friend telling me to calm down which i thought was like god or something. As i was watching these kaleidoscope images swirl and swirl i kept trying to touch them buti felt like i was in a 2D world that kept gettin flipped over like pages in a book. Like i was on a piece of paper and it kept flippin me over and over. I was screaming in my head "get me out of here" "what the hell is happening!!!" "im freaking out man im freaking out!!" i was thinking those things in my head cause i didnt actually hear them aloud just the bird and the music part of the song. I finally came too after only about 5 mins i was astonished that was how little it was. I came to and we were all in the car with all the windows down speeding away from the site going like 60mph. Now thats the best i can explain what happened to me in my mind but after watching the video things kinda started to make sense.

Now the video is broken into 2 videos because it was too long for his cell phone. Anyways it starts with me lighting the bowl for like 25 seconds and then holding it in and exhaling so the first 45 seconds is that then i just stare wildly into the distance with my eyes wide open and mouth open drooling. My friend ushers me to sit down where i continue to stare at the back of the seat this time (i was in the backseat) im still staring until i start reachin and feelin the back of the seat. This is i assume when i started reaching for the images finding out i dont have a body. i keep feeling the seat until i all of a sudden have this complete look of dread of pure fear. I start screaming all the things that i thought i was thinking when i was trippin first it starts off quiet until im in full blown screaming mode "WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME!??!?" "IM FREAKING OUTT!!!!" the whole time im like going wild punching and grabbing everything i can get my hands on. I even tried climbing out of the sunroof i got halfway out when my friends grabbed me and pulled me down. It was here in my vision that i was trying to get out of the 2D world and extend myself to touching something real and 3 dimensional. I slowly calm down and start whimpering (yes im on the verge of tears) i almost sound like im crying but no tears i keep asking "why is this happening to me what did i do" until the video cuts out i remember coming back to reality shortly after. Anyways the video got lost sadly but not after the entire student body of lshs saw me freaking out lol going wild, then the full blown look of fear on my face, followed by me on the verge of tears. atleast it was good for a few laughs


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Posted by Tuco on 07/29/2012
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It seems a lot of folks remember flipping or rolling or folding, one guy wrote about circular ripping! I had the same sensation as well, and it was quite bizzare to say the least. I also remember feeling like it was going to be permanent and I would forever be rolling with that funky taste in my mouth.


Posted by Blaine11 on 02/22/2014
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Hi I had a very similar trip. I took a hit, held it in for a long time and blew out. Last thing I remember I watched the smoke swirl infront of me before my vision went black. Appariantly I walked around for a while but I don't remember it. After a while I sat back down next to my friends and put my head down. Next thing I know Im in a different reality where everything was black except for a 2 D image of my self. I was looking at my face when out of no where another 2-D version popped out of my self but was still connected to the other. Then another, then another, and another untill my vision was filled with connected 2-D versions of my self. I've seen a similar effect on videos but either way I became terrified. An immediate realization swooped over me and I realized this was now my reality and that I would be trapped in here forever. The 5 seconds I experienced at this point felt like 5 hours. My body was buzzing and the only way I could explaine it was that I was dead. Completely immersed in fear and anger that I was dead I yelled out NO! Finally I hear my friends laughing and I snapped my head up for just a moment then was sucked back down to the table like it was magnetic or something. My voice was stuck in a deep demonic voice and I didn't feel the same for hours haha I've never smoked salvia again since. I now know what the feeling of absolute fear is and it sucks haha

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