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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 22/09/2008
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Type/Strength:No Sitter / 2X
Method of Ingestion:Smoked


I decided to try a small bit of my Sadi extract (2X).

I don’t have a water pipe bong yet so I made the old style crude aluminum foil over the toilet paper roll now maybe it is just old hat to you but I thought I would share.

I hit it with a small pinch and got that mellow feeling enjoying the sadi taste.

Nice.. then I did one more bowl but about double the 1st hit.. now I am feeling real mellow and kinda drifting a bit.. TV is on.. computer is on.. I am just going with it and taking my time.. then I decide one more good deep hit with a nice size pinch in the bowl and then just see how it goes.. WHOA !!!.. I exhaled as much air as I could before the hit so I could really draw all of it in.. I held the big hit about 30 seconds then exhaled a big puff of smoke.. I use to smoke cigarettes so the hot smoke wasn’t to bad.

Before I could even set down the crude pipe I got an intense rush as the aluminum sparkled bright and the TV movie shot out of the screen in a long stream all sliced up in layered images (about 20 or more I guess?)

As always I have the urge about a few minutes into these visual blasts to get up and walk around.

I have to admit it was disorienting as I wandered back and forth from my kitchen to the tv and back.

I was just laughing and laughing as my "little inside my house world" fractured into uncountable onion-like layers of reality. Really bending my psyche abit, but I am OK just laughing and laughing and really felt like a kid just free and playing like I was peeled open and set free.

I slowly returned to normal vision at about 12 – 15 minutes I was overwhelmed with a huge smile and just kept repeating over and over like 15 times “YA THAT WAS DA BOMB BABY, THAT IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT !!!”

I was really thinking about what I was discovering and was thankful for the experience. Maybe sounds strange but it was great. I kind of was thinking why a sitter is recommended but I don’t think I have had a big enough hit to have been in trouble. But it is something I am thinking about.. I kinda like the solo thing though.. what do you think?


I was tired of the TV weird out thingy so I left it with a surf movie going on but turned off the volume and picked some music playlists to just let run. Mostly stuff from the 60, 70, 80’s. Classic hard rock or very popular classics. Music I am very familiar with .. already had a few drinks and relaxing..

1st hit rich and deep.. really learning to savor the taste of Sadi more n more.. and I like the way it lingers the next day in my taste and smell senses.

I don’t remember the song, but almost instantly there was a wheel of colors with bright blue gem-like sparkles coming from a hub-like shape at an angle and that persistent layered effect I seem to get, like a wheel spinning in the air. Really cool. Just pulsing to the sound of the music. After the song ended it just kinda was gone like a puff of smoke being blown away.

I sat quietly for awhile having another drink. Awe what the heck, one more good hit. Why not?

I remember the musical group was “WAR”.. “Low Rider” was the song. I exhaled. WOW!! Another intense spinning wheel at an angle rotating in red n gold sparkles. I played with it by changing the plane by moving my hand flat then back. It just turned and then went back to the angle and spinning and flashing. Very beautiful.

I am thinking to myself “I am losing it”, lmfao. I am here by myself and have no reference point of another person to know if I am just imagining this. But it was really satisfying.

So to work I went today. There is a guy there who is really fun. We are good friends.

Well he is just going off for a couple of hours all hyped up playing music and being wacky. I was very quiet and just listening mostly and observing.

Then I began to wonder if he was feeding off my high from the night before?. Iit seemed weird. But could it be?. He was just like it all day long. Have you ever seen or heard of this before?


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Posted by turdcrap on 07/04/2009
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Sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm kinda new on the Salvia scene, but what is Sadi? Thanks and nice experience report by the way!


Posted by grimjim on 09/08/2010
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Sadi = Salvia Divinorum

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