Salvia Trip

2nd Time


Posted by GreenAvatar on 05/06/2009
Avg Rating: Unrated

Method of Ingestion:Smoked

Date and Time: 05/17/2009 11:48 am
Location: U.S.A, New York
Dose Method: Smoked.
Dose Quality: size of a penny.
Dose Quantity: 5x
Dose Hits:3
Session Intention: Experiencing for the 2nd time.
Setting: - Dark room - Basement - laying down on sofa -
Weight: 145
Height: 5"7
Gender: Male
Sitter Present: No
Duration (peak): 1:Min
Duration (session): 15:Min
Trip Rating: ++

Trip Info: I had to take 3 hits just to feel it begin to work. Even with that the session was only 15:Min long with a peak of 2:min . First two hits did nothing,on the 3nd try I could feel the Salvia start to hit . Being the 2nd time I could feel that tingling feeling starting with my hands then to my arms legs and face. This also happened in the beginning of my first Trip , I have read many story's about people feeling like there skin is crawling . But I have found that it feels more like when your leg or hand falls asleep. This feeling will hit you like a slow wave , by the halfway mark you will not feel any part of your body, the only thing you can feel is the side that hasn't or is tingling . This all will pass within 10:sec. I like to think of it as being part of the transformation in to the salvia world . Now by keeping that in mind, I can keep a fearless persona within my trip,Being that I had a low Dose I could only feel it work to a point that only my face was in the Salvia World. I was looking at a pink wall of bricks and one by one the bricks would peel off the wall and fly to a left side of my view and into a black-hole type thing that was on the floor . This would be the second time that I would see things peeling and flying to the left and a black-hole . Feeling like a painting on the wall I can remember knowing that all my memories were gone , I could not remember anything . But at the same time I could FEEL me. I was Still me..... ok I wasn't (real name) but it didn't matter anymore , all that mattered was I could feel MYSELF . That little voice in my head was the real me . The Real self .... Then it was over... I was back looking around my basement to make sure it was over, and it was. On this trip I found how it would feel to not have any memories, your memories don't make you . Nothing beats Your real-Self . Best part of this Trip?
I can remember it .


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