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Posted by grimjim on 04/09/2010
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Type/Strength:10x Standardised Extract
Method of Ingestion:Small pipe+hurricane lighter

Before bed, I decided to have a quick smoke of Sadi, while watching the TV, because I had read about other people here on Salvia-Trip having some interesting experiences.

I was watching like a victorian period drama, with traditional costumes. The young ladies in it were very attractive with their cleavage pushing up, nice. I think most guys will agree with me its a nice thing. The guys in it were young and handsome too, for any women reading this!

Anyway, as the peak of the trip came on, the movie started to become incredibly real and three dimensional.

The depth from foreground to background became so noticeable it felt like the actors and actresses were really there, like I could touch them. And then most bizarrely, it felt to me like they were starting to turn their heads slightly and were looking at me and smiling.

It was like, whoah! That cant be possible!
How can they be looking at me?


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Posted by jrdnjones on 09/11/2010
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