Salvia Trip

3rd Trip, a little bad


Posted by Yoopi on 12/02/2008
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Type/Strength:5X standardized from thebestsalvia
Method of Ingestion:Home Made waterbong

Yesterday, I received my salvia extracts, so today, I was first not very fancy to take it, and I decided to take it anyway.
So 0.1g of 5X standardized, hop, in my bang, and then one hit, I felt this feeling which I always have when I take salvia, and few seconds later, I was in another world.
I was feeling like I need to do a "job" with my bang, my Boss (a woman) forced me to. While this trip, I think I was in my chair, but I felt like I was standing up, don't know if I was really or not..
Then, I eared my customers' voice, and theses voices was the voices of people I know,
So I was bothered that these people know that I use salvia, then my boss renembered me that I need to do my job, I was confused, didn't know what to do, so I went in my bathroom to
clean my bong, at this time, I was a little back in the real world. While I was clearing my bong, I had the feeling that I need to stick my tong, every 2 seconds, that was very very bizarre..
Then, I came back to my room, I was very confused, everything was bizarre, I was fucked up..
While I was listening to some music, I had feeling linked to the music, it was sooo bizarre..
I spoke with someone on IRC about this fucking trip, and went to my bed, to have a nap because I was fucked and, and extremly angry against salvia..
Now, I write theses lines..


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