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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 20/07/2009
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Type/Strength:Fun / half half
Method of Ingestion:Ice Bong

With all due respect Sync, thanks for the rules. ;) We all need to eat. Dragon

So to 911aware I say you should go and check my answer to you about control.

Lastnite & today I had the best experience ever using a smoke blend. I had a mix of 20X Salvia divinorum and Wild Dagga (Lion's Tail). Exactly 50/50 mix. It smoked perfect after running it through a coffee bean grinder.

Lastnite I sat on the cirb across from my house and enjoyed the cool air around me and listening to all the other apartment modules. I had smoked this mix and then topped it off with a 20 second inhale and exhale of 20X.

With drink in my hand I sat waiting for human contact. I guess no one wanted to come out but it is ok. I could hear this one guy snoring. LOL. It was so cool. i was wondering what he was dreaming?

As I sat it turned into a cool cartoon with trees and bushes swaying in the breeze and giving me their view of humans. They really like us, so be good to them.

This morning I went to church in my own house. I played old Beatles songs & Billy Idol, and oddly Puddle of Mud. It was the best sermon I ever have heard.

GOD's plants again showed me the truth and all that I needed to hear for direction in my life.

It is truly a mystery about Salvia D and the messages we receive. Sometimes it is fun and other times it is horrific.

My hope and my efforts is that we can change the way all governments deal with natural plants that are our hope given by GOD.

Thanks for reading to the community that has found one path.


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