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A complete accident


Posted by Cuthbert on 16/04/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Metal cooling pipe

I had bought my salvia from a shop without really knowing what it was. It was sold to me as a cannabis type high. With this in mind and with no real warnings on the label, i didn't consider the need for a sitter! But with that information, who would consider a sitter, I mean its just a legal herb, how strong could it possibly be!
So i loaded my pipe and took 3 large hits, holding them as the instructions suggested. As i was holding the final hit i realised that i was feeling a little peculiar in a non high way. Luckily i was already laying down on my bed, as i thought a relaxing smoke would be quite nice. I had a dazed fuzzy feeling come over the back of my head, the same ringing feeling as you'd get if you were to fall backwards on ice and hit the back of your head hard on the ground.
Well that was the last i was aware of my physical self for a while. I felt i was being pulled from one dimention to another, like a warping of time and space perhaps. I could see time and space being stretched and warped right in front of me. I was taken through different periods of my past, although it mostly my childhood. However, it wasn't my body being pulled and transported, it was my mind and what i can only describe as an inner being from within me! It wasn't my own body, it didn't even have a shape or form, but it was my existance. Everytime i was dragged somewhere, the axis would flip and swap over, and what was up would become across and vice versa. I was in my parents lounge, there was a chair i'd never remembered before, but it was suddenly clear as day. I was then outside playing with school friends, remembering nick names that i hadn't heard in many years. Then i was looking down at myself as a child in my bedroom, i was just doing kid stuff and blissfully unaware i was being watched from above by me.
Then the experience changed and everything i saw would be completely ripped apart and disintergrated as if it were made of dust and sucked away by a huge hoover. This was disturbing but not scary as it was not a threat to me at this point.
I was then faced by myself. I was huge. 100's of feet tall. I was stood with my arms out to the side and perfectly straight. I was made up of many 1000s of smaller me's, they were all laying horizontally, stacked up on top of one another with incredible neatness and precision. Every single one of me was wearing the same clothes. It was like i was made from the pile of a thick carpet, and pile was made from the little me's. Then the disintergrating started again, only this time it started in the distance and effected everything it touched and leaving only darkeness. It came closer and closer and i felt fear. Real fear. I knew i was in its way and that in the grand scheme of things i was very small and insignificant, and whatever it was, it didn't care that i might be in its way. I had the thought that it may not have known i was in its way because i was so small in comparison. As it tore through the giant me, i felt massive fear and i almost felt pain too. It also seemed like i was unable to breath. I'd lost all rational thought and i genuinly believed that what i was seeing was my reality and there was not the possibility that i could be wrong. I knew at that moment that my existance was coming to an abrupt end. The fear multiplied as i tried to resist the forces.
But then, the experience became to merge with real reality once more, the knocked feeling in the back of my head returned and with it reality returned.

This was a totally unexpected reacion. Yes i should have done research first, but i am glad i didn't. Doing salvia by accident meant that i went in with a completely open mind and without any nervousness. I've been back to see sally many times since. Sometimes she's good and sometimes she's less than good, but she is always different and never a negative experience, albeit occasionally worrying.

With practice i can now embrace these moments where everything is going bad and hold the panic together to try and see what is on the other side of the darkness. I've not managed to see it yet, but i have been close. The human mind amazes me and i think salvia is a wonderful tool for exploring the depths and distant corners of your mind. I just wish it lasted just a little longer.


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 04/16/2009
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So you wish it just lasted a bit longer? It is lasting eternally because you can never reverse anything.. you only think you experienced Salvia one time or many times..

but in reality you have always been watching the results from even before you were born..

there is "no I wish it was longer" for anything.. there is only the beginning and the end.. GOD

if you will notice, you are continually on that salvia reality on all those 1000's of you ness..

Be blessed


Posted by ratatonic30 on 04/17/2009
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It's amazing to me how everybody has a different experience yet they are still very common. Flashbacks, out of body, transformation, fearful/unsettling thoughts, multiple dimensions, the presence of a higher power or "others". And all of this occurs inside our tiny little mind. It's as if everything that is living is sharing some sort of universal conscience. It's truly a mind opener to our existence and where we fit in with the rest of the Universe.


Posted by cliffhanger68w on 05/13/2009
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I totally agree with on the exploring the depths of your mind...I to went in with a completely open mind and had some of the same experiences. At first I was terrified and fascinated at the same time. So every time I do it, I try to explore the fearful part and see what it has to hold on the other side. It really makes you question a lot about existence and the mind as a whole. Anywho, keep on keepin on...

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