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Posted by Nick89 on 22/02/2009
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Method of Ingestion:ceramic pipe

My last experiences with salvia have finally convinced me that this plant has an enormous potential which unfortunately I am still unable to use. What I really expect from salvia is a travel otutside this material reality to the spiritual one.

Actually, I had few consecutive trips. Each time it was almost the same: there is some supernatural force which tries to take me away from my body to a greater world of spirit, but I am can't follow. The reason is that I'm nable to calm down and get rid of thoughts. Now it's clear to me that out of body experience really is possible. There is always a force which pulls me into the other reality. But somehow I can't accept it, I oppose, or rather, the most superficial part of myself, doesn't allow it. I don' have a good sitter and that's a part of the problem, and I also have two people around me who regard salvia as something a bit stupid, or bad. Therefore, I am still to concerned about, firstly, the fact that I may for example fell on the floor from my bed, and secondly, I think too much about having a really extraordinary trip and then giving the account of this to my flatmates so that they would eventually 'respect' salvia.

However, there were short periods of time when I almost managed to merge with this spiritual reality. I saw a tunnel into which I got deeper and deeper and I knew if I reached the door I would leave my body. But I failed, I was very close, but after some ten seconds of not-thinking (my best try at meditation I suppose so far) some thought once again popped up in my he ad and the vision of the tunnel faded away. Actually the thougth was - what I'm doing now with my physical body - and I realised that something strange happened with my eyes, kind of closed but on the verge of being open and quite tense, not relaxed. I reckon that was because in my mind I was 'reaching' further and further into that tunnel.

And there is also something strange which happens almost every time I'm on salvia and lie on my bed. My right side becomes kind of distorted, when I close my eyes, and something is pulling me into the right. Maybe that is simply this 'salvia gravitation' but I suppose that this is something different. I can't fully relax my body, especially my head, and on salvia relaxing my head starts always on the right side. My left side is kind of 'unmovable', really, while relaxing my muscles it is like a circuit which starts on my right leg and eventally shold end on my left one, moving throughr whole body in the clockwise direction. But usually I can't get further than the half, so the point on my forehead.

If only I were good at meditation and relaxation techniqes this would not be a problem, out of body experience, for example, and getting the full out of salvia, but for now... I think I'll wait some time before I try it again - I'm just not mentally strong enough. And in some time I will have a good sitter. So I'll be able to finally 'let myself go'.:)


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Posted by Salviavation on 02/27/2009
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I had a very similar experience as you on my first time. Next time you go, fill your lungs completely, dont leave an inch of just oxygen in there, hold it until you can't hold it anymore, but at LEAST for 30 seconds, and I do mean 30 seconds or longer. This should transition you. The same problem you have, I feel, I have and that is the transition from the physical to the etheral world. Just remember that you are on a path for enlightenment and that the transition does require removal from your physical body and that is something that both you and I have to accept as a reality for us to move forward. Good luck on your next journey and don't let your fears consume you.

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