Salvia Trip

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Posted by Inferi on 26/07/2008
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Dosage:Probably around 1/8g, more or less. A good sized pinch
Method of Ingestion:bong

Setting: around midnight, dimly lit, and some Enigma playing quietly
This was only my second time smoking salvia, but this plant is amazing! I lit up a bit in a bong, held the smoke for about 30 seconds (it's an odd taste, but not BAD like a lot of people claim), and before I released the smoke I but the bong out of reach so I wouldn't knock it over. The moment I sat back and pulled my knees up it it, and fast. I laid my head on my knees because it felt so heavy and just closed my eyes to listen to the music.

I heard a voice from the Enigma music playing. It was my consciousness talking to me, but I couldn't understand it because it was speaking in french. I thought, "wait a sec... I don't speak french.."

I felt separated from myself is the best way to describe it. It was like I was something very small, but nonetheless a part of something big, like I was a piece of board making up a house's structure. In fact, the word structure was just stuck in my head. Suddenly, I can understand the voice. It's telling me that I and the "house" are being eaten alive by termites! But I can do nothing about it. I watch as everything comes crashing down around me, and goes sinking into the sea. After sinking for what felt like hours, I started to come out of it, and immediately wrote down what I saw and felt.

Now I look back, it would seem the house was my life, and that my physical self only made up a small portion of it. I think the termites represented problems in my life that I haven't dealt with yet, like stress and the like, and how if I let them go, they could destroy someone. Talk about a de-stress motivator. I've never found anything that could give me such insight into things. As i said before, this plant is indeed amazing. Does she give interesting messages like this often? And so vivid? Because i still remember I was a part of a red house with white Victorian trim specifically, ahaha.  :D


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