Salvia Trip

A Fabric of Arrows


Posted by birdbrain on 10/11/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Smoke

This was not my first time with Salvia. A friend had smoked it with me before, and he saw an entire fairy tale progress before his eyes, jousting, princesses, and gnomes dancing at his feet.

This is my experience (and the most intense).

When I smoke salvia, I usually smoke 20x. That was what I had this time. I went to the porch, took one hit, felt slightly lightheaded, then took my second. Within 10 seconds, i felt a tremendous pull downward on my left arm, and stumbled to stay upright. I found my way into my room, hearing a repeated "thwa-wack" sound that I assume was my heartbeat. As I walked back to my bed, disembodied voices began to chuckle and talk, as if in a large crowd, but they were all talking about me, and laughing at me. I swore to those voices that I would remember the thwa-wack sound forever (then forgot it's exact nature when I came down).

The really interesting part though, was not the voices, or my ceiling fan spinning with the power switch off, but what I saw. It's hard to describe, but picture a paper-thin sheet (like a bedsheet). Extend this sheet infinitely, and lay it over everything inanimate, so it conformed to each object's shape, like a vacuum-sealed cover. The pattern on this sheet is rounded arrows, formed like the bubble-letters girls like to doodle in. These arrows are red, green, orange, purple, and a few were blue. The strongest desire I had was to follow these arrows, because they all pointed in the same direction. The odd thing was, they pointed to where I knew I needed to go, with what little consciousness I had left.
Time had stopped. I thought I was lying in bed for 4-5 nights. The entire experience lasted no more than 20 minutes.

As a side note, every time I smoke, I feel a darkening around the edges of my vision, like entering a tunnel. If I do not walk "into" the tunnel (in is relative!), I only feel a mood elevation without any hallucinations, besides colors taking on various textures (green is pool-table felt, for example). For me, extreme hallucination is not completely involuntary, it's something I have to give myself over to, which makes it all the more powerful.


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