Salvia Trip

a glance at the future


Posted by papasmurf on 10/10/2010
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Method of Ingestion:water pipe

i was at my door, the door outside my house, the same one i had used after my last salvia trip. i thought to myself "here we go again" as i opend the door it turned clear, the world around me looked like space. The world was spinning and each rotation it made showed a different part of my life, but what i realized was that these things i was seeing had not occurred yet. i felt like i was seeing the future rapidly spinning into each scene uncontrollably, in each spin scene i heard the distinct voices of my mom and brother. the part i remember best was my brother pointing a gun at me and saying "whats it gonna be?" as i was sucked back into reality i felt horrified, mind bottled, the entire trip i had this thought that i was dead i really felt i had died it was the most intense experience in my entire life, but no matter how fucking scary this trip was i cannot stop smoking more and more because i have lost my sense of reality.


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Posted by Exzanian on 01/10/2011
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Hell yeah, I'm taken this stuff on a daily basis now and it is so short acting, after two hours it's like I never did it, so next day I got to do it again to "remember" it in another way....

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