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A new respect for Salvinorin A


Posted by Arcygenical on 29/11/2007
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Type/Strength:Crystal leaf, 75x
Dosage:About 0.3g
Method of Ingestion:Smoke

Well, let me preface this by saying I'm a complete salvia hard head. To even feel this substance, I need to take a good hit or two of 20x, after chewing on some of it's resin. I've often taken up to an eighth of a gram of 50x stuff to no real harm... Which is insane. I've been trying to reduce my tolerance to the drug by taking a daily dose of 5x, about 0.2g each time... And, well, I guess it worked really well, as you'll see here :)

Last night, I packed a tight bowl of my most recent 75x extract (Thats 150mg of salvinorin A per gram!) Opened the balcony door, and set up some fans. Prepared the iPod, got the song I liked playing, and lit up. The time was 11:40pm. In one complete breath, I took in the entire bowl of salvia, turned off the lights, and immediately got into bed. Somewhere between the time of getting into bed, and breathing out, I lost it. I forced myself to breathe out the last of the drug, and took a fresh breath, closed my eyes, and drifted into an almost paralyzed state.

I can't quite describe this phenomena, but on Salvia, I often go to one of two places. My mood (or desires) seem to correspond with whichever place I end up. When I'm happy, I get lost in the physical manifestation of my music, rooms with walls of bright colour, or intertwining plants, all moving towards a common goal. Lyrics can take forever to complete, and they're almost always visualized as circles enclosing on themselves, book pages turning or hours of conversation with many different people. When I'm upset or seeking advice, I get lost in an incredibly dark place, not dissimilar to a room with the lights off. A single entity or object accompanies myself in this room, to which I converse with, analyze, observe, manipulate or take back with me to reality. But, never have I experienced what was in store for me this night...

I honestly can't think of words strong enough to describe what I was feeling by this point. For this, I'm sorry. It was probably thirty seconds after exhaling, and my grip on reality was fleeing fast. Every single syllable in the song I was listening to lasted a life-time. Single words took hours, if not DAYS to complete. I couldn't look around the room I was in, because at this point, I was the room, and I hadn't fully come into existence yet. You see, my two dimensional self was drawn, frame by frame, during each hour-long syllable of my music. Almost like watching a world come to life, in freeze frame photography. I was forming a circle, yet the room was square. Upon the completion of this geometrical violation, I drifted further into my trance.

With each passing moment taking months to complete, I felt more than human. I was literally above the constraints of space and time. An immediate sense of immortality came to me as I realized I was re-living or re-creating hundreds, if not thousands of full conversations, with hundreds of different people, every second. Real, imaginary, or shadow individuals without a definite ego were all communicating with me at the same time. And, somehow, I was able keep up with it all. I wasn't a defined being through this, but a two dimensional plane of multiple points. It would seem that each section of myself was operating autonomously to keep up with the conversational demand. It was tiring. By this point, I had aged considerably. It seems my mind was conserving the principles of time after-all, as each conversation took it's toll in me, as it would in real-life. I can't describe what happened next, but I understood that my life had come to an end. I existed outside my body, no longer bound to life, death or existence whatsoever. I existed in a dark room, not dissimilar to the one described earlier. I was accompanied by a hexagonal structure: small, about palmsized. No lights, sound (not even my music could be heard at this point) feeling or taste was present. I would say, that this point in my experience was... Well, incredibly frightening

This sense of nothingness almost never came to an end. It felt like years before I regained my consciousness. When I finally did, my iPod had finished playing (I was listening to a three hour long goa trance mix). The time was roughly 2:45. I "awoke" took my earphones out, and went to bed. The next morning, upon pondering over the immense feeling of nothing, I decided I had probably fallen asleep. It turns out that the hexagonal shape was a bastardized version of the molecular schematic for Salvinorin A.


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Posted by Mimic on 11/19/2008
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Whoa, where the hell did you get 75x????


Posted by recyclablewaste on 11/22/2008
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Well written. I like you're ability to convey things already and wish I could communicate with someone like you in person in "this world" (*wink* ;) ) about Salvia.


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 11/23/2008
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Thank you

I am always intrigued how someone will open up and expose the innerworkings of their mind as it perceives and exposes the depths of SA and it's unlocking of that which we carry with us almost as if taken for granted.

It isn't our fault that we don't perceive these things in our normal attention when free of SA.

It is just nice to know that SA can expose the known, unknown, or even unknowable aspects of each of our deepest? inner selfs.

I am very excited by the way you described the eternity of even a word of a song or a loss of the concept of time. It is why I keep coming back for more. I know it is just what I call the "onion like" unpeeling of my innermost mind. Or maybe it is even more than that? Does it even really matter?

i once saw a 6 dimentional structure in my dark room turning and rotating while on LSD many many years ago. It just kind of came back to me as you described the molecular SA .... my conclusion is always that we are being shown a very core existence that we just do not take for face value.

It is more real than the everyday perceptual world our minds ingest and we just take it all for granted.

I believe that these visions and short lived exposures are a more true essence of our very life force and should be respected as a blessing.


Posted by Salviavation on 02/25/2009
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I don't know if I chalk it up to thoughts created in the mind or an actual spirit walk. I tend to lean towards the latter.


Posted by RadicalThinker on 08/30/2009
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When i take Sally i dont get these spiritual reactions. My perception alters but i know it isnt real. It is like my eyes being drunk and just seeing things that are not there. I dont understand these `Eureka!` moments that people seem to get, and they immediately understand the relativity between the universe and our perception.


Posted by aphivesix on 09/28/2009
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Radical, I hear ya. I don't get any of those 'wow' moments either. I just go somewhere else. While I'm in that 'someplace else,' I'm unaware of the 'real world.' I only recognize it when that world and the real world seem to be melding together again. It's like I receive clues that the salvia world isn't real, and I 'figure out' that I'm not really there. Then I just wake up...but my knowledge of the cosmos and the fabric of time and space hasn't increased...I wish it would, though....


Posted by improvisation on 02/18/2010
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It seems that the western/contemporary mindset is all about ego. I think that there is more to salvia than ego. At least a beginner like myself thinks that at this point in my newbie career with this plant.
Think we contemporaries/westerners might be missing something. But .. ehh .. who knows


Posted by Vidooch on 05/09/2010
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I really think Salvia has a potential that maybe westerners are not quite tapping into fully. But I believe it's purpose is to heal, be used directly for intention, and to find out more about yourself (no matter what culture you belong to). It's also a nice reminder of what happens to your identity when all things that make up your life are stripped and examined from an outsider's perspective. Hopefully, these experiences bring out the best and make you excited to live your waking life. Taking these trips can give you a deeper appreciation for Death, giving Life a new meaning.

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