Salvia Trip

A Norman Rockell Scene


Posted by Anonymous on 01/01/2009
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Method of Ingestion:water bong

My latest experience with Salvia was very interesting (as if some are not). I opened up sacred space and smudged the the room with smoke with white sage (techniques I learned in my shamanic studies). I meditated/prayed for a few minutes to the Salvia spirit explaining that I came to "her" for healing, growth and understanding. My wife turned on some light tribal music and I loaded the bowl of a small water bong with 15x Salvia extract. I smoked the bowl completely and held for appx. 20 seconds. I set down the bong, pulled down my eye shades and lied back on the bed. The familiar feelings of the Salvia effect started in. I sensed the "normal" reality start to "peel" up. It was as if everything to my room, the house, trees outside, the street, everything including about 8 inches of earth (sort of the skin of the planet) was all being rolled up to the left. It was very similar to how a sardin can's lid is rolled. As this began I felt a wave of fear that my wife would not be able to "go with me"----as if I wouldn't be returning. I asked her to give me her hand, which she did. This calmed me down but seemed to keep me from going deeper into the experience. After the effects started to wane, I decided to take another bowl. This time my wife would stay in "verbal contact" with me only. After the second bowl, I felt the same effect but this time went deeper. I found myself (my awareness) to be about six inches above the ground looking up at an enormous young boy of about 10 or 11 years old. He was busy mowing a front lawn. He looked to have been 70 or 80 feet tall (assuming I was regular size), but actually I was just much smaller than "usual". I didn't sense that I had a body, I seemed to just be a point of view, but if I was in a body it could have been no larger than a hamster. The "scene" was straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. It clearly appeared to be "small town" USA in the 1950's on a warm summer day with white picket fences and shady oak trees. The boy seemed to be oblivious to my presence. The whole time I was also aware that I was in my bedroom as well. Additionally, I was able to describe to my wife exactly what was happening in very clear terms. It was as if the two realities butted up against eachother. I did get a strong sense of being very insignificant in the larger scheme of things and that my whole life with all it's concerns is nothing but a short dream.
After the second bowl started to wear off, I decided I wanted to go deeper. This time I would not stay in verbal contact w/my wife but would try to "move" around and/or get the attention of the boy. I took another big bowl and held it in as long as I could. This time however the experience turned a bit negative. I felt "judged", as if someone felt I was being irresponsible, as if I shouldn't be there. It took me a moment to remember what I had done(the Salvia) and that I'd been very responsible and reverant. This calmed me somewhat but I just waited to "come back" after that. This was not the first time I've felt some "judgement" and tend to think of it as re-experiencing a childhood trauma. But when you are feeling the pain, it is definately not pleasant. As always though the experience left me in a state of awe and wonder.


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