Salvia Trip

A poem about my journey...


Posted by Anonymous on 22/03/2008
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I stand in the highest spire of this snowy castle. Over looking this kingdom of icy waterfalls. As the golden sun rains down upon my soul. I take flight with the sages. I commune with the ancients and they whisper their secrets to my inner ear. I can not understand their words but take comfort in their eyes... Soon to the earth I fall and swim with the aquatic divine.

Their legacy fills my lungs and I cling to them. And I rise again from the deepest ocean I find the mornings dawn thrust into my soul. I soon hear the call of my body, beckoning me to return and to drink in the knowledge that had been given to me. And as I melt back into reality, I can still hear to chants of the great sages who have placed in me the seeds of their survival. And all that I can see anymore, is history.

I drift calmly now, only a gentle breeze at my back. My conscious mind sits in dark disbelief of journey from which I have returned. Despite this ignorance, I am content with the gift that I have been given.


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