Salvia Trip

A Quid of SD and Some Green Fae Did Come my Way.


Posted by Anonymous on 17/05/2007
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Type/Strength:Sd leaf and 3 other herbs.
Dosage:~2g SD leaf and 1/4g of a mixture of extracts of wormwood, mugwort and catnip saturated upon more catnip bud.
Method of Ingestion:Sublingual quid


Absinthe Clover 3


A Quid of SD and Some Green Fae Did Come my Way.

A tsp each of the some Salvia divinorum leaves and the same green Fae incense mixture from another day did come my way. Under the tongue and in-between the cheek and gum it did go. A sip of water to saturate it as it be.

After about 20 minutes had passed, strange visions did come before me.
Came before me in the darkness they did.
A scene of a dragon face. The same dragon as a few days past it was.
He came back to visit me again, and so did the crescent moon face, as well.
They replicated around and around in a vortex there.
A vortex in the darkness there.

Some wormwood paisley did also form.
From the paisley did come some pretty little faes.
Little green faeries they were.
Flying in the darkness without a care it seemed.
Little faeries from the sagebrush.
These little faes of green and gray did grace me with their presents.
Like leaves they had green skin and hair,
and gosmer wings I sware.

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