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Posted by newbee on 29/05/2010
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Method of Ingestion:smoked...water bong

I am 49, been smoking a small amount of cannabis occasionally to relax on and off over the years. Tried salvia cos I couldn't get cannabis, and because I wanted to explore my inner self etc.
The first couple of times I tried it (all on my own, I know I shouldn't) I tried .1g and worked up to .5 gram not much effect just a anesthetic effect and a strange feeling that I remember feeling when I was very sick as a child.

So I've never had any real trip..out of body or anything like that.

This day when I tried it again I was very tired and not expecting a trip at all.

I got a fresh batch last week and tried a tiny amount .1g, normally I would just mix that much with some cannabis for a nice relaxing evening. I had no cannabis so did it on it's own, not prepared for anything unusual.

I filled the small bong with 0.1g and lit it up inhaled and held my breath it feft really comfortable holding it in , I exhaled and got ready to put a few specks that were left into the bong for the final thing I was saying nooooo ! I felt like I was spinning or being unravelled, I didn't like it and fought it.I was frightened, I didn't know what was happening.
I also felt like I was falling into the ground and/or wall and becoming part of it my teeth actually felt like concrete (I was in my garage) I think I was screaming as the inevitable happened and I lost touch with my reality.

No sooner had that hapened when I started getting glimses of my reality again but I had forgotton who I was..It was like I was spinning again and occasionally saw something in my other reality and eventually I started recognising things and putting it all together again.

I eventually realised who I was saw my dog who was looking a bit worried and staggered back into the house barely able to feel my own body never my walk. I was releived to be back and really happy, swore I'd never do it again but as the hours went by since I am thinking of going again it was terryfying but exciting at the same time. Maybe next time I'll be more prepared.

I checked the garage later and there were a few things knocked about and the bong had fallen over , I remembered the ladder now...I had grabbed onto that for dear life when I was departing my reality.


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Posted by grimjim on 08/26/2010
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I know exactly what you mean. The first couple of times I had a decent hit the feelings come on so fast and are so bizarre compared to anything you've experienced before that you do just freak a bit, err - a lot ! Trouble is once you've started on that fear, it ruins the experience, unless you are able to take control and just tell yourself to relax, its ok.
This is why you should either prepare yourself by getting comfortable, some relaxing, chilled (not head bangin) music, on *low* volume, and if possible have someone you trust who will not interfere with the trip unless you get out of control, and won't be in yer face. Salvia affects the motor nerves of your body, which is why you lose perspective on distance, and get out of body feelings. I've tried to analyse these feelings by carefully calmly looking around myself and concentrating and I really do think Salvia takes your senses beyond the shell of your body. Something pretty wierd and magical appears to happen. And because you've never done that before, thats why you freak. Could be wrong but it feels like that.


Posted by Exzanian on 01/10/2011
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Nice to meet another mid ager trying new stuff (I'm 43 and also a nube) It's an amazing drug, so powerful. I am controlling it now by using the quid method which has not taken me beyond level 2 (good enough!!!) and I'm shit scared of going any higher!

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