Salvia Trip

A strong rememberence...


Posted by recyclablewaste on 22/11/2008
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Type/Strength:60x (Blueberry flavored, ooo)
Method of Ingestion:Smoked thru hammer bubbler w/ torch lighter.

It's been a month or so since I started coming back into this mysterious plant. An end goal of my experiences is to figure out what it does; how can I use it as a "tool" for life?

*Whew* okay...

Didn't think this hit was going to affect me so strongly, but damn was I wrong.

I asked my roommate if he was going to go to use the shower as I didn't want him "ruining" my trip. Any input from the outside in a sense ruins how "out of this world" I go. And this particular roommate with ZERO experience in ANY perception outside his "own" does rude things like flicker the lights cause he thinks it trips me out and gives him a cheap laugh. On salvia it just pisses me off and makes me loathe him for doing so to “earn” his laugh, grr.

Having my free 15 minutes to escape reality in peace (I’m experienced enough to be alone), I sit on my couch, low lights (but not dark), and headphones on with Luke Vibert's I Love Acid (great song I take a big hit and contemplate hitting again as I hold both the pipe in my hands and smoke in my lungs. Still holding it in I glance around the room, bounce back and forth a bit with the beat of the song and then begin to feel it kick in. I recall wondering if I should place the pipe down (it does have a bit of water in it afterall) but I just sat still and it took over… From here on I summed up to my roommate as best as I could for someone unaccustomed to ANY mind-altering substance like so:

You know those jello-molds with pieces of fruit in them? If not, just imagine jello with fruit chillin' in it. Now imagine YOU are the fruit, and the wiggly jello is YOUR natural world (for me this was the couch and its surroundings). For these brief “instances” it feels like minutes, so the fact the fruit is static and unable to move about in its jello environment correlates very well to how it feels time almost slows (Does Salvia stop time for the brain, perhaps just unstably so??). Now take tweezers, these tweezers are Salvia. Stick the tweezers in the jello and firmly grasp the fruit. Don’t yank it completely out! Just grasp it and gently move it around, let the fruit (me) know it’s not in control of space and time. The fruit will slide about within its environment ever so slightly, and even feeling but a little disconnect with jello-particles to reconnect with different jello-particles will in-effect make the fruit feel connected to everything around it. I felt as connected to the television in front of me as I did to the couch I was sitting on and the pipe I was still holding (wait, I’m still holding the pipe? I ask myself as I realize I’ve been mesmerized by looking around the room in my thoughts… How long has it been? Two minutes? Two seconds? Oh yeah, there’s music playing…)… The music I’m *now* listening to (focusing on) is even geometrically lining up to how I perceive the world! So much so that its to the point its absurd and I’m shocked in knowing that a LOT of forward thinking would HAVE to take place for me to figure out the connections flowing through my focus on my own (why does it come so naturally on salvia?). I started panicking a little… When I literally feel life this way, I feel just as “bought” and “molded” as that fruit in its jello world a human made for it, so forgive me for panicking a little (this would be the complete loss of ego). And on reflection, why not? I am “molded” like that fruit in jello, just on a much more complex level: By my life experiences (all of them, none too big, and none too small).

Sweating was impossible to escape, and I’m not sure if it was because I was freaking out a little on the inside, or just an actual physical reaction to the plant. But now, I’m glad I did, I feel physically refreshed even with occasional chills now as my pores tingle like domino effects across my body.

Emotionally I don’t know how to feel or take it… I feel like “me” (with or without my body) was trying to break free from this world, stretching it as I moved about in it. It’s amazing how that slap across the face telling me what I “really am” feels so vital to know, but I know it’s our everyday society that makes that slap fade from memory and reconnects me to my jello world. I had forgotten where this plant takes me in no more than a month’s time, and I’m glad I came back for a visit :).


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Posted by orangefrog509 on 01/06/2009
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wow. gr8 strorie. i like how you use the jellow-world infrince. good luck on your next journey to the mystrious dimention of sally d

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