Salvia Trip

A trip just like the last.


Posted by Anonymous on 22/10/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Zong with Ice.

So this is my third time with Salvia. My first time was so intense it scared the crap out of me. If you care to read it's posted under "Bad Trip". The second time was awesome. I was happy, things were insanely funny and I didn't know why, I didn't disappear anywhere..... I really liked it. But lets just say, my interests in the new reality I "discoved" had been peaked. Although it was messed up, it's all I've really been thinking about recently.

So I ask my roomate to pick up some more Salvia. On a side note. I have forgiven my friend for giving me the deadly dose. Come on, how could I not forgive the guy who introduced me to Sally. So he grabs a g of 10x. PERFECT. So I pack myself a bowl. Kinda a tester. It makes me feel good. Laughing/happiness/energy. But no where close to tripping. Ok, I can pack a bigger bowl and I'll be safe. About ten mins later its my turn again. I cash the bowl in one. Hold it for 30. Breath out and there I go. A much smoother transition. What the hell? I'm doing the same thing again....... Pages, thousands of pages. Wait, it's not the same. It's slower, and I'm not merging. I'm rolling around. The pages arn't stopping they just keep rolling around like a ferris wheel. And how am I comparing the two while the second is occuring? Just then it hits me. I still have all my sense's about me. I can think completely reational thoughts and answere them. My friend walks into the room and hands me a plate of food. I open my eyes and grab hold of the plate with two hands. The food is indistinguishable, just merged colors....wait....oh now whats happening? Just then the plate starts melting away, like a waterfall, oh and the pages are starting again. Now its the room and everything in it. Pages and pages falling away but this time it makes sense. The pages fall away and merge with other pages to make a single reality. So, I start to think about all these crazy questions. Like, is it just the room and everything in it that these pages are forming? Or is this how the Universe works? A googleplex of pages constantly falling and spinning around merging/forming what we all know or at least see and feel everyday. I start to get real comfortable. I almost feel like if I try with all my might I can break away from just one of these pages and go off and explore a whole different reality. Where instead of sitting in the chair and be formed I break free and stand up. Impossible. I can't change my reality... This is what's supposed to happen. For some reason, I can just feel and see it. For some reason I think about time travel. Nope, Impossible. Every page being a different reality, Nope Impossible. I'm starting to come out of the trip. And all I keep muttering is, It's Impossible, It's Impossible. Apperently I had been saying this a lot in my trip according to my friend. I guess all the questions I had asked where impossible in my trip. Or at least the way I was understanding things. All in all, it was interesting. The two trips felt very similar, but where also very different. It was cool to have the same trip just more controlled but I hope my next trip is different. I'm ready to see the cosmos. Talk to you later.


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Posted by alfonsdewolf on 10/27/2009
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Yea, I like flipping back and forth from a "page" (I see it as a freeze-framed moment) and normal reality. I use weaker amounts and close my eyes.
It produces a curious sweat too, I can't really explain in words, each split-second I pull from this...plastic world...seems to cause a spasm of sweat. Somewhat refreshing :D

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