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A very enjoyable smoke...and easy to control the Salvia Level


Posted by Anonymous on 23/07/2008
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Type/Strength:Homegrown Leaf
Dosage:2 bowls - apx 6 to 8 dry button sized leaves
Method of Ingestion:Small glass pipe

Let me set the scene. I noticed tonight that the fireflies were putting on a great show outside. The wind was calm and the temperature was mild (64 degrees now). I decided that it's been a while since I delved into the world of Sally (about a month), and mother nature has provided a great backdrop tonight. I have never smoked outside and still haven't today. It's something I think would be very enjoyable, but I have to find a like minded person who I trust to be a sitter. So for tonight I opened all the windows to my house. My plan is to sit near the window where I could see the fireflies and hear the sounds of a campfire in the distance at my neighbors. I turned all the lights off in the room and made it dark inside. The sun was already past the horizon and there was just a little bit of fading daylight left. My house sits in the country so it was quiet outside. I crumpled up a few leaves for my smaller pipe. I filled the bowl half way and set up the digital video camera (just in case of the slim possibility I do something I don't remember). I always like to record myself when there isn't a sitter. It gives me piece of mind and I like to have peace of mind before smoking.

This is about my 7th or 8th time smoking Salvia. I only have 6x and 7x extracts and just a little of that can send me into a Level 3. So I wasn't sure how much plain leaf I would need. I wanted to take it easy and slowly figure out what amount would get me to what level. I took my first cuttings/clones from my mother plants, and the leaves I smoked tonight were the bottom leaves that got cut off of the clones.

So I sat up in my chair with my elbows on the window sill, pipe and lighter in hand. Took the first hit from my homegrown plain leaf and watched the fireflies dance outside. I only held it for about 15 seconds. I actually got cold feet for a second. Not literally, but I became a chicken shit for a moment because after 15 seconds it all came rushing back to me and my body remembered what it was like to be in Sally's world. I thought to myself, holy shit! This is supposed to be plain leaf! I thought I was heading straight into a much deeper level and blew the smoke out of my lungs. For a few seconds I thought maybe the extracts I got were just plain leaf. And since I had packed this bowl with at least 3 times the amount of what I normally put in for extracts I thought I was doomed. Well after about 10 to 15 seconds I realized that nothing was really happening and it was probably just a little apprehension and my mind playing tricks on me. So I inhaled the rest of the bowl and really didn't feel much. I stood up to walk across the room to put more in the pipe. I filled the bowl half way again sat back at the window and smoked it. It really was only about two good hits again. I started to feel much more relaxed and noticed that this time Sally was taking her sweet time and I knew that I could fill up my other glass pipe. I got up and noticed that gravity has changed and my whole body feels like it weighs different. I thought to myself Great! I know this feeling and it means I just barely broke the surface. I can fill my other pipe all the way up without worry. This glass pipe has a much bigger bowl. I filled it up to the brim and sat back at the window.

This time I was a bit more relaxed and started to take a few hits. I could sense that I was heading to a deeper level, but at the pace I wanted to go. Each inhale sent me just a little further into Sally's world. I looked around and watched the fireflies. My body started to feel warm and I began to sweat a little bit. This is often a common occurrence for me. I took the last hit from the bowl and set it down. I started to look around from right to left and noticed that I was processing what I was seeing in repeat steps. It was kind of like the motion on a old typewriter where every keystroke moves the bar over 1 character. I knew I was moving my head and seeing things in a fluid non stop motion, but my brain was analyzing it in steps. That effect didn't last very long and by the time I started to look right again it went away. I think I was just teetering on a level 2. I enjoyed the evening wildlife for a few minutes and reflected back on what I had learned. I know that I can ease into the levels with plain leaf.

It's now been about an hour since I smoked. I still have this sense of calm and it is very enjoyable and relaxing. Next time I will probably get about 3 times as much leaf ready and smoke a few bowls one after the other over a longer period of time. It seemed very easy to control where on the scale I was and where I was headed. All in all a very enjoyable smoke. I would definitely offer to share this type of experience with any of my friends. My 6x extract seems to launch me straight into a random level from 2 to 4 and I never know which it will be. This time the plain leaf let me ease into it and easily control where I was at. Thanks Sally!


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