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Posted by Anonymous on 20/12/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Smoke

For too long I've been interested in this "Salvia" craze. I've read all the stories about people seeing visions and having otherworldly experiences and boy, was I keen to have one myself.
So today I finally tried it with my boyfriend. He did it once before and he said it was amazing. So that made me want to try it even more.
What happened went like this.
I inhaled the smoke and held it for as long as I could. 5 seconds..nothing...10 seconds...20 seconds...still nothing..25 seconds..i began to feel ripped off..40 seconds..finally I start to feel something..everything started to waver like I was looking at things through a heat haze. I laughed a lot at this point and randomly stopped. After that all I can remember is opening my eyes and having no idea where I was, who I was with, who I was, what I was doing. I didnt know I was human. I felt like an alien just popping up on a random planet. I started freaking out and start yelling " FUCK FUCK FUCK" . And to my boyfriend "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!". At this point I tried running out of the room. I had a feeling I was in danger, or like i had a duty to do. From then on I started to calm down a little and little bits of memory came trickling back..I was human..I had a life to live...For some reason I couldnt remember who my boyfriend was. I kept thinking of him as my "tour guide" in the world. It was nuts.
Eventually I remembered everything but was still feeling a little foreign.

Anyway, my advice to first time users would be, Do Not Treat This Substance As a Joke. Make sure you have someone to look after you and make sure your in a place where randoms (parents, strangers,etc) who are oblivious to what youre doing barge in on you. Also do it when you have nothing planned for the rest of the day.

Overall, I thought it was crazy! I would definitely do it again. I was a little disapointed that I didnt have any visions or see anything but hey, maybe next time. Which wont be in a while by the way...


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Posted by Exzanian on 01/10/2011
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Yeah, that's it alright...It's beyond scary, it's absolutely UNREAL....It is not social at all, very alienating, are you sure this was a level 1, sounds more like a 4...I've only been to level 2 and that is enough for me....

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