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Posted by entityerased on 08/11/2008
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Type/Strength:10x extract
Method of Ingestion:inhalation (pipe)

My first and only two experiences with Salvia came the other night with a good friend. I was sitting comfortably on his bed, though admittedly a little nervous. I had heard many things about the drug, but I made sure I had no real expectations for it, because all "trips" are different. I have never used a hallucinogenic drug before (excluding marijuana), and I was ready for a new experience. I inhaled once, and held it for 15 seconds. Immediately upon exhaling the first hit, I felt... different. I was instructed to hit it again, and did so. This one I held in as long as I could, and as soon as the last bit of smoke left my lungs, I instantly felt heavy, and as though I was being pulled away from reality.
I stretched out on the bed.
I felt the entire room start to spin away from me.. or rather I was spinning away from the room. The air from the fan was so intense, I thought I would surely be blown off of the bed.
I said to my friend Charlie "dude, the fan is going to blow me away"
Charlie giggled, as he was in another dimension as well. He turned on some music. We were listening to Tool, and watching the visualization "the world" on Windows Media Player.
I started feeling anxious, as though I wouldn't be able to stay connected to myself, as my reality was shifting around. I was in 3 different places at once, around the room. I "saw" (with my mind's eye) myself laying on the bed.
I concentrated hard on the swirling colors on the screen, trying to regain an understanding of my existence.
I started to relax, as the feeling faded. The colors helped to keep me in this reality.
The visualization looked so amazing, that I couldn't contain my laughter. Every time I laughed, Charlie laughed, and that made me laugh even harder. I don't think I've laughed harder in my entire life.
I didn't exactly have any "visuals" or anything like that. I didn't "hear" anything, though I did sense a presence in the room.
The effects started to wear off, and we went outside for a cigarette.
When we came back in, I decided to do it again, and this time hit it as hard as I possibly could, to produce a more intense "trip".
The second time around, the second hit immediately catapulted me into another universe.
I closed my eyes and lied back.
There was no "me". No room. Nothing but the music, and the patterns in the darkness. I felt as though everything was swirling around, and my mind was hazy. I don't remember much from the other existence, but the feeling that I was sinking.
I came halfway back to the reality I was accustomed to, but I got stuck when I came up through the floor.
I was trying to get back to my body, to shake the feeling that I was drifting.
I didn't make it all the way up, however.
I opened my eyes, and saw that I was in fact, lying on the bed. Though I felt as if I were halfway inside the mattress. I could feel the edge of it pressing on my chest.
I immediately sat up, and looked to the computer screen.
Again, the colors blew my mind. This time they seemed to envelope the whole room... or the whole universe.
I could feel the colors brushing across my face. Green was pulling my lips to the side, almost messing with my face. I took this metaphor as green representing my personality, being a playful and fun person. The pulsating music filled my head, and Maynard James Keenan's voice seemed to be accompanied by a female voice. She was singing along with him, in a beautiful, harmonic tone.
I sensed a feeling of safety, comfort, and warmth, and knew immediately that Lady Salvia was singing to me.
She was trying to tell me that everything would be okay.
I emerged from the dream-like state in an uplifted mood.
We walked outside again, and daybreak was on the horizon. The morning light seemed to scatter across the tops of the autumn trees. I was completely amazed at how beautiful and peaceful the world was in the early morning.
I felt I was more connected to nature, to the universe, and to others.
I was calm, happy, and very insightful.

I intend to use Salvia again, hopefully to get some answers about life and what my purpose is.
I feel the Goddess has a lot to teach me, and I am willing to learn.


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 11/20/2008
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I live in the tropics so there are many flowers and everything is green.

The color overload is almost enough to hurt the eyes but I just keep looking as it is wonderful and relaxing.

Music is incredible. I have heard musical instruments turn into a beautiful voice just singing a lovely message that is impossible to describe.

Thanks for your report ;)

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