Salvia Trip

amazing forest experience


Posted by Anonymous on 24/02/2008
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Dosage:2 hits
Method of Ingestion:smoked in rocket

This time i used a barbecue with a hotter burning flam since a higher temp vaporizes more salvinorum to go into your system
i went into the forest loaded up my rocket and lit it up Wham i was higher then normAl after my second hit  my vison turned into tubes of forest with red rollercoasters and swirled down the forest trail i had to go that way this time i was talking to the gods but again they only spoke through me by the time i got home i was pretty sobered up but  this was prolly my favorite trip of all

by the way my voice gets really deep when i smoke salvia kinda like that family guy episode when chris takes shrooms with his freind and there voice gets deeper

i was wondering if anyone else has that happen to them


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