Salvia Trip

Amazing trip..


Posted by Yoopi on 13/02/2008
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Type/Strength:5X et 10X standardized from thebestsalvia
Dosage:0.18 and 0.14g
Method of Ingestion:Water bong

Heh, afternoon in my house with a good friend, what a good moment for Salvia trip..
Let's do it, I load 0.18g (thanks my scale :p) of 10X in my bong, one hit, two, three, and now a I am laughing a lot, for 2 minuts, that's all the trip...

30 minuts later, I decide to take 5X, I load 0.14g in my bong,  first hit, second hit, and then I was in another world, I didnt renember that I have taken salvia, I was like in a train or something like that,
I don't renember all my trip, just two or three things of it:
- I was holding the lighter in my hands, and I thought that I need to bring it somewhere, I was like in a train, don't really know..
- I don't know why, but I rubbed the "wall" of the world I was in, and when I rubbed it, the real world was appearing, bizarre..
After that, I was a bit in the real world, I asked my friend if I was in the real world, he answered that he don't really know if I'm back, that made me going back to my trip..
It was really bizarre, really intense, I was in outter space..
My friend said I was saying "What, What ?" and repeating it, and I was touching my face..
I just renember that, and I know it was great, thanks sally /

PS: Do you think it's level 6 ? I think because I did not know that I used salvia, and I can't really renember my trip.


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