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an enormous loop


Posted by Anonymous on 25/09/2008
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Method of Ingestion:crude "TP" pipe w/foil

I have not done any Psychedelics in several decades. An article piqued my curiosity about Salvia,
and I did some research and ordered some. Last night I tried it.

It was clear that this was not a drug to be taken lightly, but the quickness in which it wore off was cause for reassurance. I cleared my mind,
said a little prayer of protection, and as I did not have a sitter made sure that I
had a big mug of water to drop my wood match into so I would not have to worry about fire.
I would then lay back.

I figured the low dose,-1/16 gram-would merely be a trial run, and later I would use outside at a quiet nearby park for a bigger dose rather than trip indoors. Boy, was I wrong.
My world shattered, right then and there.

Different aspects of the drug "stacked" upon themselves...into an "awareness",
(and I use that word loosely because Salvia is not like LSD, where you have an are Inside that awareness, that experience) So, in a place without time, the universe shattered, became a matrix, a carousel, a HUGE loop...and I was stuck on one small chunk of was alive, and moving rythmically, but I WAS STUCK AT ONE PLACE.
It went infinitely to the right and left of me, and I got the sense that far far above me they met, and space was warped to accommodate that, perhaps.

Finally, after probably less than a minute but since it was frozen in time it had the aspect of eternity, I started to realize I was on Salvia, hence, self-awareness
was coming back. But I was still stuck and also had the weird feeling that all humans could experience what I was experiencing as this universe was ALIVE. And all in my "head".

This is where I had a moment of panic. Everything was all broken up, and I desparately wanted my "pieces" re-assembled. At this point I was fortunate to remember that Salvia wears off fast, good thing too because I wanted my apartment back! So, I focused on merely sitting there, and after another minute or two, I became more and more aware of my surroundings.
The first thing I did was jump up and grab a spot of Salvia I had on a piece of paper and crumble it up and threw it into the Bathroom. I was just so relieved to have my own little tiny world back, and I did not want to use that drug again. Only 5-10 minutes after trying the drug I was fairly normal.

Will I try it again? Perhaps a smaller dose, but as far as "learning" anything, all I can say is that the perspective Salvia gave me is that this extrodinarily large mosaic that consists of the world
is Alive. and perfectly Connected. Rather than a spiritual feeling that other drugs have given me back in the day, Salvia, for me, bluntly exposed the naked clockwork of reality that is owned, piece by piece, by soul.


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 09/25/2008
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Are you my clone?

That is the best concise summary of all I have experienced to this point in time about using Salvia. Thanks for the post.

The loop that is broken and shattered into distinct meaningful pieces is an incredible experience. Like a clockwork wheel as you describe so well. And "being inside" is relentless until that 10 to 20 minutes pass.

It has even carried over into my daily life where I feel it is just beyond the horizon of what I guess is the regular world? I sense it there like it will emerge an expose me and everything. I don't mean that in a paranoid way.

After smoking a few days ago I had a vision of a friend at work telling me "we want you here at our work place" after the wheel began to turn but it faded as I stood up. It really startled me.

I decided to test the idea that perhaps he had been thinking about me as I was off work that day.

So today I pointed to a spot outside the window and told him, "you were thinking about me as you were standing right there the other day when I was off weren't you"? He nodded in agreeement which was really cool. Then he commented, "I like when you are here at work because we have fun".

As you say, it is more like perspective. Will I use again? Yes I think so. But with a more humble approach as I think Salvia requires one to do so.

I asked at an online poker table lastnight if anyone knew anything about Salvia. One person mentioned they had a hard time finding it where they live. But there was an instant bond as soon as I asked, "So you know then?". The immediate quick response was laughter with an instant LOL and YES. I laughed hard and deep with a grin thinking of some distant connection I had strangely become a part.

Wow.. how is it that certain of us get lead to Salvia. I wasn't even looking for her, as some say of HER.


Posted by salviaspirittrip on 10/17/2008
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i actually haven't done salvia yet but i will very soon and will document it. this is exactly what scares me about the drug. ive done researcg and found that even though it last 3-10 minutes it may feel like an eternity. great job of capturing the essence of the trip by the way!


Posted by hayrani on 10/25/2008
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I have met the lady 3 strong times before.
In all of my 3 trips, i lived completely the same trip with you my dear friend.
I saw that this infinite loop has infinite numbers of eyes in everywhere at my last trip.It was actually horrible. Because there was no "me" anymore. i couldnt go into these every little eyes but i feel full of gratitude after the trip. I think this double pointed multidimensional infinite loop is the first manifestation of creator (or God).

for your sharing i thank you very much because of the very clear description of my trip. Allah bless you.


Posted by Salviavation on 02/25/2009
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I still feel like it is spiritual enlightenment. I used to have a bad run with drugs and this is unlike any drug experience I've had, it feels more connected and meaningful. I feel it is like leaving the eartly world and arriving at a coexistence of other spirits helping mold our realities.


Posted by WyattOaks46 on 06/10/2012
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Hello, I am new here< but I too share a love for the realm of salvia. The endless "Timeloop" as I and my friends have dubbed it.

Im glad this report exists here. it is in a safe place where people who would abuse salvis would not like it to be, where it can be researched for people who need to see this, and it captures every essence of the trip perfectly.

I partake in .2 grams of x50 extract i only order from A gram is supposed to contain 200mg of Salvinorin A, and even though the dose i undergo seems larger, this is the BEST report I have ever read.

I used to be scared of the loop after the first time, always having to think twice before i partake, but after reading this, i genuinely feel my mind ready to expand on my next salvia journey.

Also, I like the "this is not like LSD" comment, I have tried a number of different substances in my time, but not yet legitimate LSD. Im glad someone who has experience with it has confirmed for me that it is witnessing something, not like salvia. and i like that, because I hold salvia as a respectable and wonderful plant, and am glad to know that out of everything that could be done, salvia is one of a kind :')

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