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Posted by cechmangoal on 03/03/2009
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Type/Strength:Plain Leaf
Method of Ingestion:glass bowl

My last actual expreience with salvia was about 2 years ago. I was too young to understand the state of my life and life aound me. I feel that I have mentally matured in that time and have been trying to get myself to go into an experience with a new understanding and awareness. This was hardly a full experience, only an image, but I still don't understand it completely.

I took one hit of plain leaf, sitting on a couch with two sunny windows in front of me. I know I should have been in a dark room but I was only looking for a moment of focus and attention at that moment. I closed my eyes a saw a quick flash of what seemed to be my head, with huge hippo like chomping teeth flopping down on themselves endlessly. There was the familiar rhythmic singing that always is present during any level experience for me, it went in rhythm with my mouth closing. Also at that moment i became aware of the fact that each large tooth was it's own reality.

I opened up my eyes with the immediate reaction of being scared of it because it was such a random, disturbing, and clear image. I had no thoughts in my head which was adding to any confusion. I knew though that these feelings were a result of my ego trying to break my trust in salvia and knew that I should redirect my current state of mind. My hands were burning hot when i decided to get my notebook and write. it was what i needed as i released some thoughts that needed to be let go of.

The image though confuses me. I can only guess what it means. but I do plan to go back soon and hopefully understand more. thanks for reading



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