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Angry trip


Posted by figment on 06/04/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Smoking

I couldnt sleep tonight...
Felt like a meeting with salvia, and since reading that you should hold in smoke for 45 secs I decided to try a little hit and hold for as long as that.
Found some of what I think is 10x but could well have been 20x. Crushed up a dried leaf from my plant and added a pinch from an old bit I found today.

As I came on a car started up outside. I live in a housing estate overlooking a car park. For some reason if a car goes by when I'm in salviaworld i get really annoyed. I try and push the sound/car away. This happened tonight. I got really angry! Realised I was gritting my teeth!
Definitely sensed "her" presence, and it was as if she was angry aswell; my feeling was of an old woman, very much like one of my neighbours - there was annoyance at the disturbance coming from her.

Not sure whether this anger was all from me or not; however, normally i do not get annoyed at cars outside! I do seem to get easily annoyed whatever the disturbance when on salvia. Last summer, did it with my girlfriend out in a field on a holiday in france; I took a hit right after her and she started laughing like crazy!! I got really annoyed with her! Going ah come on its not that funny! Realised my anger afterward... the thing is I am normally a very chilled placid person, consider myself pretty tolerant compared to most peeps I know. But disturbances while in salviaworld just seem to annoy me a lot.

Anyway... there was more to this little journey than that:
I heard a girl singing a song; somehow it seemed very 'obvious', this song, at that moment, but as I came out of the trip it was still in my head so I started singing it; just a 2-bar phrase, no words just "da-da-da-da da - da-da-da-da-da, da-da.."

I felt like I was moving up and down the street outside, doing circular u-turn motions, and that the voice was coming from there somewhere.

When I was coming out, I felt like sometimes doing it here in the city puts me in touch with the frustrations of the city. I generally prefer it amongst nature; generally have more profound experiences, not that is not profound almost everytime!

Salvia is a very hard one to get to know, and use well. She has many things to teach us but its difficult to bring the knowledge back. We dont have the language to describe that world; much like a dream the memory of it can fade very quickly, even tho at the time it can seem very obvious, like 'well this is just how it is' sort of feeling.

I hope I can learn how to learn from this plant. The traditional techniques i've read about say you should "sing" your experience, to bring the knowledge into our world i guess. So I'm glad I got a little ditty out of it tonight :) even if it was wordless..
Blessings to Sally ;)


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