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Another Carnival Experience


Posted by Salviavation on 25/02/2009
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Funny how another member mentioned a Carnival experience, as that was the closest relation I could come to when I was asked to explain what it was like from my first experience.
When I tried Salvia for my first time, it was the 30x extract. I was told to go for boroque or don't step to the table, so I took a very large inhalation from my 2 foot water pipe. Immediately the room got a shade darker than it was and I layed back into the couch I was on. All I remember is saying "Damn", and making a raspberry type noise as I exhaled. As I exhaled, I felt like I was dying. Everything went black and I saw the skin of my body on the ground and began to be lifted up. There was a woman to my left and an older gentleman (40-50ish) to my right. He extended his hand and said "c'mon, lets begin". Guided by this person, I start off in a circular room and am sitting in the middle of the room with seating and music is playing in the background (I had robert miles in my PS3 with visual effects on) and the visual effects were on the center, left and right walls as if on theatre screens. There was only one door at the very right of the center screen and in between the center and right screen. I passed chairs that looked like they were positioned in front of a bar and went through the door. I don't remember the other doors I passed through except the last, where it was an open area outside, like an abandoned building with missing walls. he placed me on some green scaffolding that was on the ground where I was lying down and I began to transition back. Apparently I was trying to stand up at that point and my friend, Kyle, was keeping me from doing so. The guy who was guiding me went to offer his hand to help me up and his face turned into Kyle's. At that point I freaked a little and was in some sort of threshold. I thought some blood circulation would bring me back to reality, I was wrong, only time could bring me back. The very first and last part of the trip were the most frightening but it was an eye opener and feel more spiritually drawn than I previously was.


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