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Posted by Anonymous on 20/08/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Gravity Bong + Bong

Smoked this 40x for the first time today and on my own. WHOOO the first go I had was pulled from a gravity bong. It BLEWWWW my mind!!! I didn't know who I was or Where I was. I couldn't move and my mind was bending. Anyway I thought that, that was a little too much so after 10 mins or so I had another go with less amount and a small (homemade) bong. This time was great. After inhaling and holing in, I blew out the smoke and it hit me. I heard the TV from the other side of the room and feeling like I am wrapped in some kind of force I was drawn to the TV. the reason I later found out was because on the show the presenter was introducing someone onto the show.(which created a rise to the peak) With everyone clapping and the intense build up, I had to be there.(I actually stumbled / rolled)on to the couch. Once there the colours of the TV screen seemed to wrap around my whole body sucking me in. I felt so euphoric I thought I was in the audience. Complete crazyness and so unaware I realised that my left hand was reaching out and grabbing the band of colours that were surrounding me while I was so fixated on the screen.The colours seemed to have a soft texture, and my head was erging everyone I know to come and see this. Very good stuff but to me it seemed over in seconds.

Unsure which level I reached but
cant wait to try again



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Posted by steste on 08/21/2010
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Just joined to ask some questions..

After posting the above, and having a day to think about my experience I am wondering whether you could help me figure out if I have not smoked enough? as the whole experience seemed to last seconds :-/ Or... did I smoke to much as Im finding it hard to remember what happened (in the first trip) all I remember is lying on the floor pleading for forgivness and how sorry I am for smoking it. Did it only last seconds because I blacked out the rest? Should I try more or less next time??

Thanks for your help


Posted by grimjim on 08/21/2010
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20x is my max so far, and I often find it hard to remember the events of the trip the next day. For example right now I've come back to this site to post my last couple of experiences, but finding it difficult to recall the detail.

And similarly I wonder if I did it hard enough. I've not done many trips, several only 5x, and the recent couple of 20x I am aware of some pretty strange thoughts and feelings, but not really satisfied I have had the sort of full-on experience other people talk about. But at the same time I can remember feeling very sorry for myself and like, oh christ what have I done with a hard hit on just 5x.

In a way I am glad Salvia only gets you for such a short time, being so intense. Can you imagine being on a full-on trip for several hours, seeming like an eternity?


Posted by steste on 08/22/2010
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Ha, feeling very sorry for yourself and like, oh christ what have I done? Tell me about it!! My first hit out of the gravity Bong I felt I was doomed, to be stuck like it forever. I was pleading for forgiveness. So intense. Was I shouting NO, NO, NO? did I mumble it? I don't know.

Maybe I just wasn't prepared for it. Not at all what I was expecting, but I foookin loved it!!


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