Salvia Trip

Bad Salvia Trip


Posted by Sh_1994 on 01/02/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Bong

It wasn't my first time taking salvia but i had only used 20x before. Immediately after taking the bong everything around me started to darken and i was sucked completely into another world.

I was being dragged on a boat by what looked like hundreds of tiny oompa loompa's taking me to my trip.

When i got there i was in a maze of multi-coloured walls and was being followed by a presence that i never actually got to see but i could feel was there. As i started to run through the maze to escape it but i couldn't move my feet off the ground and the walls were closing in on me. Just before i was crushed by the enclosing walls i awoke from my trip back to reality but was slowly being dragged back into it.

I jumped out my seat and tried to run for the door but my feet were stuck on the floor which was now whirling around underneath me, dragging me downwards. I finally managed to get myself to the door and out of my hut and ran into my house and onto my bed.

When i lay down i was sucked back into the trip but to a different place: i was now in an office pleading with the people to let me back into the normal world. The full time i thought i was going to stay in the trip forever and at some points i actually thought i was going to die. I couldn't keep my eyes open and didn't have i clue where i was: then out of nowhere i was back in reality and feeling the buzzing comedown of salvia.

In total my trip lasted 20minutes and the comedown was a further 20 minutes which was the longest it had ever lasted on me.

The experience was so terrifying that i've not touched the stuff since. I can't say i'll never take salvia again but i definately won't be going as high as 60x.


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Posted by Insanity Sailer on 02/01/2010
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You should always have a sitter with you, for the purpose that you do not hurt yourself.. But yes, your trip does sound terrifying.


Posted by Cman101 on 11/25/2011
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I had a similar trip, it only lasted about 5 mins but felt like forever. The only difference was, is that I didn't want to leave the trip, but i was being chased and put into a ship like thing and sent on a conveyor ride back to reality.

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