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Posted by Anonymous on 17/10/2009
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This was my first time with Salvia. My friends had talked about it before to some degree, past trip's ect. Let's just say I had know idea what I was in for.

So I get home from work about 5pm. The usual crowd isn't around. I see on my buddies table a bag of what looks like a whole bunch of hash balls and steams. I put it down not thinking anything of it. When I get out of the shower my roommate is sitting in his usual spot with a bowl packed for me. And guess what, its a bowl of the hash looking stuff I saw earlier. What's this? I ask. Just take a big hit and hold it. So I do just that. I cash the bowl in one and hold it for about 40 secs. Oh yes, also good to mention, I'm standing up as I'm doing this. During these 40 secs I feel absolutely nothing. I can even remember think that this was crap and nothing was gonna happen. Once I breath out however, reality as I knew it disappeared. I don't remember much of the transition. All I can say is one sec my friend is in front of me, the next I'm by myself in the same basement, standing in the exact same spot. I realize where I am but have know idea who I am, why I'm there, or that I have even taken a drug. I'm just alone and I know NOTHING. Suddenly the panic set's in as I notice myself turning into millions of pieces of paper falling, melting, merging with the floor. I tried desperately to keep this from happening. I try to grab a layer of paper and try to hold the rest back only to have my hands melt in the same fashion. Once I lost the feeling of my hands, and the rest of my body is close to being completely melted, or merged with the floor as you will. I accept my death. I realize that this is the end for me and I'm OK with it. Once the merge with the floor is complete, I can feel myself again. I thrust myself up only to start merging again, only this time from the other side. This is where I start getting angry. I was starting to regain my ability to think and form rational thoughts, and I knew that this reality I was in wasn't right. Just then I see my friend and become even more enraged because now I'm seeing what should be normal reality but everything is still kinda melting and nothing makes sense. I keep muttering "this isn't right" as I feel very uncomfortable trying to merge with the floor again but nothing happens. I can hear my friend asking me if I'm back yet but this still has no meaning as I still don't know I'm high. Suddenly, I snap of of it. I stand up. I rip my sweater off cause I'm soaked. Slowly I start to remember who I am. What I had done earlier that day.

Overall, I hated my first experience of Salvia. But after reading about it and reading some of your experiences and comments I realize that my Roommate is scum for doing that to me. I intend to try it again but next time it will be a responsible amount.

On a side note. I am not a person that thinks about death. When I do think about it, it doesn't bother me. I know, one day I will die. Looking back on it. When I actually thought I was going to die from melting/merging. I remember very clearly being totally OK with it. Does anyone else think, maybe even a little. That through this trip I have come to terms with my death and when the real time comes, I can just except it, no problem like I did before? Like I said, I hated the experience and would have taken death gladly but.... Could it be, that something as profound as excepting death could be found in a Salvia bag for $60? If so, this experience was far greater for me then I could ever imagine. To actually know what your going to feel just before you die seems like a gift and I for one am grateful for it and I was just wondering, if anyone else has had an experience like this?


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Posted by alfonsdewolf on 10/18/2009
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Yes, my friend, this legal yet amazingly powerful meditative drug can not only let some experience death, but give some people insight into what lies after it. It affects people differently. I had a 'total immersion' experience over a year ago, on only 15X (!) you can link my name and compare-and, like most people, once was enough. I occasionaly have small amounts now. I have seen a youtube video of someone resisting the 'death' and it is not pretty. You are fortunate to be accepting of death. I can not believe your roommate. This is the real deal. Lady Salvia will kick many of us straight out of our bodies and minds. She is a Force of Nature.


Posted by Dreadedfist on 10/22/2009
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Wow, I just read your post alfonsdewolf. I don't think I would have been able to handle going to space as you did in "that" state. Being placed in a basement that I was completely comfortable with was enough. Like you I also think that I'm done with the large doses. Once was enough for me. But recently I've tried Salvia again. Isn't it funny that something could scare you so much but also peak your interest at the same time. I'm going to post my second trip and I hope you read it. I found there where a few simularities between our trips and I would like to talk to you about them if at all possible. Thanks for reading.


Posted by Ninetails on 07/12/2011
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I do think that death would be a lot the same, consciousness coming up out of the physical world to look down and see it as all one thing, not seemingly divided as it looked when you were in it.

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