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Posted by Anonymous on 02/10/2009
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Method of Ingestion:waterpipe and torch

I had a fairly good experience with Salvia, and compared to some other readers - using a very small amount. I would say I used about a 1/4 -1/2 teaspoon in my pipe. I used a hot hot torch.
My friends came over to sit with me and I meditated lightly first. Just some deep breathing and connective thoughts. I - in no way - was looking to get high - I was intent on having a spiritual experience. I read up on it, and put an intention to glean some knowledge.
When I smoked, I recall handing the pipe back to my friend - and immediately felt myself go to the right, very sharply, like I was on a subway train - I watched my friends go the other way. Suddenly I was not me anymore - I zipped around rather disembodied at first, in a void. Then I saw some beings on what seemed to be a huge spaceport. They walked me around it, treated me like an old friend, showing me this and that. All of the things they showed me are not explainable in human words. Things and shapes and devices I cannot describe were everywhere. We didn't communicate with words, really. I just 'understood'.
There was one area I was not allowed to look at, and I just instinctively knew it, so averted my eyes when we would get near it. After what seemed like hours of my (very non human) friends taking me all over this spaceport, they took me to what looked a bit like a slide at a waterpark, but all mercury silver. It started somewhere above my head and I could see beings sliding down it and zipping off the end into space as beings of light. They told me I could go on it - and then 'become' anything anywhere. Or I could go home. Home appealed to me, so I chose that, and suddenly a large yellow school bus appeared in front of me. I said goodbye to my friends and got on - and there were no seats, just a silver metal floor, with bumps where the wheel wells were. Immediately the bus began to tip to the right, and as it flipped, 2 people appeared where the bumps were, and I said 'hi'. They looked really strange, all gangley and awkward. Weird eyes. Then I did a complete turnover with the bus and when I was rightside up, they were saying something to me but I couldn't understand them. The bus had changed to a bunch of weird shapes and angles that I didn't recognise around these weird people. They kept repeating what they were saying, and suddenly I could understand them, like a translation switch had been thrown. They were saying 'welcome back', and they were my friends, sitting on my living room floor. Suddenly it all came back, who I was, what I was, who these people were...I had been COMPLETELY disconnected. I wonder what would have happened if I had chosen the slide! Sometimes I think I may have died here, I don't know. That is a bit unnerving, that thought. My friends said I sat still in lotus the entire time. (4 minutes max) They said for about 45 seconds I laughed joyously like they had never heard anyone laugh before, and they were compelled to laugh with me. After they left, I still felt like I was leaning to the right a bit. For a few days afterward, I could make things disappear by just willing it to happen - but I didn't try doing this around anyone, as I felt that it was very subjective. Just little things, like my lighter, or my keys. They would always come back immediately when I said, 'reappear'. It was cool. BUT - an increase in paranormal activity did occur in my life. I wouldn't advocate this to anyone unless they were ready to have a journey. It's not about getting high. The people i know who us it for getting high have told me nightmare stories of watching themselves being 'made' in petri dishes by hideous beings or being stuck in 'plastic' thinking they were going to die. There is much more that goes on when we use this stuff than we may think. :)


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Posted by alfonsdewolf on 10/02/2009
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Beautiful ;-)

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