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Beautiful Singing, Yoshi


Posted by CorvDazed on 12/09/2008
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Type/Strength:Regular Leaf
Method of Ingestion:Glass Pipe

Me first
I ordered 1 oz of Salvia leaves and finally tried them tonight. Me and my girlfriend went out in the backyard to smoke. It was a relaxing environment so we stuck with it.

I filled up a bowl (my pipe has a very small bowl so I could only fit one leaf in at a time) and hit it. Nothing really happened when I exhaled so after 2 more unsuccessful bowls, I realized I need to smoke it faster. I packed a large bowl, hit it as fast as I could and relaxed. Suddenly my vision distorted and I stared up into the trees. I saw what appeared to be a line running across the sky, almost as if there was a seal around the world up in the air. There was one particular branch that stuck out to me because it was swaying back and forth. I looked at my girlfriend and instantly started laughing because it appeared as if her forehead was stretching. It kept getting longer and longer. I was still able to function so I took another fast hit and relaxed. That's when it really hit me. I sat extremely still because it almost felt as if I were to move everything that ever was would just end. I started to get tunnel-vision followed by everything being 2-d. Apparently my girlfriend asked me what was going on and I replied with "I don't think my body is supposed to move. ... Nope something doesnt want me moving." Anyways, then the tunnel-vision and 2-d effect went away. I started to hear singing. It wasn't just any singing. It was the most beautiful singing I've ever heard. It was a females voice singing what appeared to be "waaaaah ooooooh, waaaah oooooh, waaaah ooooooooooh (repeat and its basically the song)." It was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. Now the weird part was that as I started becoming normal again I realized that the singing was actually crickets but the salvia distorted it to sound like a female singing to me.

Now my girlfriend's experience

My girlfriend took a bowl hit and nothing happened so she filled up another and hit it fast. All of a sudden she stared up into the trees and just burst out laughing. She had to have laughed for about 2-2 1/2 minutes. I then asked her "Can you see me?" She looked at me and laughed even more and then looked back up into the trees and just stared. She finally came back to reality and I asked her what she all saw. Apparently she saw what looked like Yoshi from Mario up in the trees. When looked at me, my face started to look like Yoshi and then she looked back up into the trees and saw me up in the trees. Pretty crazy.

The whole experience was amazing. The only thing is I was fully conscious when I was "tripping." Is this normal? Am I almost there?

Let me know what you think.


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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 09/17/2008
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I really like your explanation of the crickets and the voice singing.. I noticed the 1st time I smoked that instrumental music seems to take on a voice-like quality.. I really enjoy that..

The laughing is always a response.. just can't help it.. LOL.. and both of your visuals are similar to some I had.. I seem to experience layered reality as if the scene is expanding like a endless trail of images..

I only have used alone.. but I figure I have been at level 1-2 and level 2-4 I guess? My 2 weird moments were watching a movie on TV and then I am in the movie.. really weird.. and then not being able to account for 2 hours on the clock although I am sure I was coherent and moving around the whole time..

Anyway, looking forward to another try soon..

Thank you for sharing your story :)

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