Salvia Trip

Becoming a recliner chair.


Posted by JD1stTimer on 09/12/2008
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Type/Strength:Plain leaf
Method of Ingestion:quid/hand bubbler

I was with my housemate after the party I mentioned in my earlier report. I dipped a good-sized wad of leaves in kool-aid, put it in my mouth, and chewed and rolled it for thirty minutes without swallowing. I then swallowed the quid and drank the kool-aid to wash it down. I didn't feel much, so I smoked a gram in the gram-bowl bubbler. YIKES! By the time I counted thirty and exhaled, I blinked and I had become the chair I was sitting in. Everyone from the party had gone home, but I thought someone in the party was going to sit on me, so I moved my footrest up and down to make sure it worked properly. My legs had become the footrest. My eyes were part of the headrest of the chair. My housemate said I looked completely amazed and I was asking him to please not sit on me because even though I'm a chair I have feelings. Strange stuff.


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Posted by hero4evz on 12/09/2008
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Hilarious! I have yet to have strong visuals myself, but only because I have been using extracts and have feared jumping my doses to quickly.

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