Salvia Trip

Becoming a Toy


Posted by AJL14 on 10/07/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Smoking

A few nights ago, my buddies told me that they had bought some salvia. I had wanted to try it for a while and it was finally my chance to see what it was all about. It was a chilly summer night around a campfire (probably not the best environment to do this for the first time). After watching my friend take a few hits and descend into his trip, it was my turn. I took 2 hits and didnt feel much. All i felt was a high sensation and a little bit of pushing and pulling from an unknown entity. I packed another bowl and hit it again. I was looking at my friend when i felt myself getting sucked into the trip. I looked back at the fire and was fascinated at the way it looked (way different than it had before i smoked.) The fire wasnt a fire anymore. It was the shape of an "A" with little things dancing around, almost like tiny orange smurfs. That was the last time i can remember having a conscious or any thoughts at all.

From there, everything went green, almost like i became part of a plastic childhood toy. It became day time and I could see what looked like a green hill with flowers on it and a tunnel in the hill, almost like a train tunnel...but there was no train. At this time everything real disappeared. I could no longer see the fire i was sitting in front of, my friends i was with, the trees surrounding us, nothing, except for this mario type world i was in. I couldnt hear anything either, everything went silent. I then was pushed into what i thought was a flowery bush or a patch of flowers. This is when i began to get scared and I panicked. Then my world changed into a giant Crane Game machine. Something was pulling on me but i didnt know exactly what. I was scared for my life and then all of a sudden, the real world came back. I looked up and saw my friends pulling on my arms. I was laying in some bushes behind a tree about 15 feet from where i had been sitting when i smoked it.I was the most confused i have ever been. How did i get there? Why was i laying there? I couldnt remember walking over to where i was. I got up and walked back to my chair. I was still having slight visuals and the numbers on the keypad on my cell phone were sticking out of the phone.

After thinking about my experience, i asked my friends what happened. They told me i was in almost a zombie state, glaring at nothing, mumbling words and clinching onto them. They told me i tried to walk away, but they grabbed me and set me on the ground (which would explain the crane game effect).

It was a great experience even though I was scared for my life at one point. I learned how powerful your brain can be and what it can do. Im glad i tried Salvia and im sure to do it again.


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