Salvia Trip

behind the scenes


Posted by Dale92 on 31/07/2008
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Type/Strength:5x extract
Dosage:1 bowl
Method of Ingestion:pipe

This was my first break through experience. The first time i smoked salvia I had mild open eye visuals but that was the extent of it.
This time though i was determined to have a break through trip and smoked as much as i could as quickly as i could taking the biggest
hits possible.
with the first couple hits i began to feel different, I was only able to take one more hit before i lost connection with reality. After this hit
I began to melt into my surroundings and became apart of my bed. As this happened two shadowy angel like creatures appeared and asked
me to accompany them on a journey. I explained my situation (becoming a part of the bed) and assured them once this was fixed I would join them.
So it was and we went on our way, flying through space we eventually arrived at our destination which appeared to be the behind the scenes of reality.
A sort of inner workings where everything appeared unfinished and rough. As we walked around i asked questions about reality and i knew it,
Their response was that of ridicule for my world is so simple an infant could figure it out. This false reality began to fade away as i returned.
Out of all my experiences i remember this one the most clearly seemed to be a great level 5 trip.


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