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Posted by Anonymous on 11/09/2009
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Type/Strength:Salvia 20x
Method of Ingestion:Bong

I have tried smoking Salvia before (a small amount of 05x rolled into a few joints) and the feeling was a very mild mellowing. It was only after this that I learned the "correct" way to do it - ideally in a bong.

I bought 1g of 20x Salvia and a small glass bong. Prepared a small bowlful of salvia and smoked it. Immediately I felt a more powerful high than the joints but a totally different feeling than with weed. It felt good, and was very noticeable. I was wearing a dressing gown and socks and the first physical sensation was the soft towelling of the dressing gown against my nipples suddenly felt like sandpaper and quite scratchy and uncomfortable. I loosened my dressing gown and started to feel a bit heady. I thought that was all I was going to get, so I smoked another bowl and went outside for a cigarette.

Outside, I felt like I was being strongly pulled (not pushed) in a direction approximately northerly (I know this because I can always see Polaris, the pole star from my garden). I tried turning round and walking south and it felt like I was walking through treacle, when I turned round and walked north again, my footing felt very light - I was almost skipping. I repeated this back and forth walk for a while, experimenting with other directions, but north was the only direction that I could walk with ease. I found it to be quite fun.

I sat down on my garden chair and the pull was still there. The rear wall of my house is roughly western-facing, so when sat down facing the garden with my back to the wall, left is south and right is north. The pull became stronger, even sitting down and leaning to the left, I could barely resist the pull to the right.

I finished my cigarette, went inside and (in retrospect, rather stupidly) smoked another bowl. I had now smoked roughly half the 1g bag of 20x. That's when it hit me like a truck…

The pull now became an enormously strong downward pull, I felt like had my feet not been on the floor I would just spin forwards. Sounds became distorted. I felt the downwards pull on my neck, my jaw, and then my eyes. That's when my vision decided to follow the pull. Suddenly everything in my vision blurred vertically, as if I was really spinning round and round, going head over heels over and over again at great speed. At this point, my mouth was open, my head was forward and my chin was touching the top of my chest. I just couldn't resist the pull. I may have momentarily blacked out.

I then suffered what I can only describe now as a complete jarring of reality. I was completely disassociated from the world - like I was simply no longer part of it. I had now completely forgotten I had taken the salvia - in fact I had completely forgotten everything - It was like I had never existed and had instantly popped into reality feeling like this. I had no memories. This may sound cheesy but the only real-world experience I can imagine that would make one feel like this is the act of being born.

I started to panic, something inside me told me I was dying and this is what it was like to die. I felt an overwhelming, primal urge to be with my mother. I was on my hands and knees at this point, trying to hold my head aloft and resisting the pull downwards. It became a race between me and death - if I could raise my head by using all my strength to fight against the downward pull I would live.

Slowly when the sensation started to fade, I found I could resist the pull, and I remembered I had taken a drug that made me feel like this. I struggled to break myself out of the pull, and as I stood up the feeling subsided.

I don't know how long it lasted. It could have been minutes, it could have been seconds. I don't know if I made any noises or talked/shouted/screamed. I didn't have any visual hallucinations other than the spinning blurring of vision accompanied by intense dizziness. I think I may have had auditory hallucinations but can't recall their nature - possibly echoings of the ambient music that was playing on my stereo.

On the whole, I would regard the experience as thoroughly horrible but I think that's mainly because I took too much on my first proper trip and did it alone. I'm glad I did it, and I’ll do it again - but not for some time! I now realise why the words “TREAT SALVIA WITH RESPECT” were written in large red font on the web site I ordered it from :-)

I am not a spiritual or religious person - I hold no spiritual or religious significance to any of the events that happened. I took a chemical that fucked with my brain. To me, the only reality that exists is the one we live in. Just like we can distort what we see by pressing our fingers against our eyeballs, we can also distort what we perceive, think and feel by "pressing" the right receptors in our brains with psychoactive chemicals.

I hope this documentation of my experience on Salvia is useful to someone. I would be very interested to hear of similar experiences.

Best wishes and good luck to you all on whatever roads you choose to take in your life.


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Posted by blackre9 on 09/26/2016
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Your experience was similar to mine. I did a double bong hit of 10x salvia...and felt whatever light that I saw before I closed my eyes as the salvia took over....the light went in a line that was merged with the darkness of my eyes and we in the that light blurred mesh and this magnetic pull towards my left...which was weird.....but I also found myself laying down towards my left.....afterwards as the effects wore down...I had this annoying pull towards my left that was still there. lol....but I still enjoy cannabis best!

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