Salvia Trip

Best Laid Plans of Mice n Men


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 24/11/2008
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Type/Strength:new X batch / 20X
Method of Ingestion:Water bong / 2 big hits

I was in a curious mood wanting to go into a new level of listening to music and reflect as I listened.

It took 2 big hits to consume my bong bowl. The butane lighter created a small fireworks display before my eyes as I inhaled hard and fast. Sparks flying and pushing upwards in the air. I could hear the crackling sound like a cigarette burning in the darkness in a quiet room.

I quickly moved into my chair at my PC and started playlist(Ozric Tentacles, AFX, Talking Heads, other selected favorites).

I don't remember even hearing one bit of music, no visions, no sweat, nothing at all. I was just in a quiet place. Relaxed.

It was just after 1:00 am. Suddenly I opened my eyes to intense visuals and saw my room fractalizing and vibrating as the "sweat" engulfed me. I just decided to let go and let it all go. I was in a trance-like condition that seemed like a few minutes.

I closed my eyes I think? and then opened them to my clock reading 4:30 am. I am not sure if the visuals started at 1:00 or if I blacked out and the visuals started as I became concious. The music list had played through and I was in my partially lit room and all was quiet.

All I have concluded at this point is I had planned a music list and a Salvia experience that didn't come to pass as I had envisioned it. It seems as though some other source (whether in my own mind or who knows what) took me on a path not planned or expected.

There was no fear or confusion of any kind. I just got up and went to bed and awoke to my alarm clock and went to work today.

Colors and wind and sun and plants and everything I saw were vibrant and alive but in a cartoonish way. It was if i was looking at all of it that had been airbrushed or touched up with crayon or paints.

This is one experience I will remember forever. so strange but not in a disturbing strange way.


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