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Bizarre first trip


Posted by Anonymous on 29/07/2009
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Method of Ingestion:Smoking

So, I've read a lot of Salvia stories, watched some videos, but nothing can really prepare someone for what Salvia can do to you, I've decided.

Last night, I put a few tiny flakes of 20x extract into my bubbler. I had already smoked a bowl of weed and was feeling moderately stoned. Needless to say, the Salvia didn't do much. I laid there and felt like waves were going through my body, along with feeling slightly uneasy, but that was about it.

I got back up and put a little more, smoked it again, and my monitor looked like it was sinking into my wall, which was pretty cool but short lived.

So, I said "fuck this" and went ahead and loaded up a full bowl in my 2 foot bong. I made a huge cloud, exhaled, and went to bring the cloud into my lungs.

I remember bringing maybe half of the cloud into my lungs, maybe less, and feeling like I was going to cough, so I covered the top of my bong and was letting the smoke sit in my lungs.

The next thing I remember was seeing thousands of my own arm attached to the side of a large color changing squarish object, which I guess was a torso. Each of my arms were closing against the object, basically like if you had your arm up and then dropped it to your side. They kept falling one by one, like dominoes. My body, and these arms, went on as far as I could see. It wasn't 2 dimensional as many people describe.

I had this overwhelming feeling of loss, as well. I felt like I was never going back to my real life. There was no consoling myself, telling myself that I just smoked some Salvia. All I knew was that I thought my life was just a joke, and that what I was seeing was the true reality. My arms continued to fall, and eventually I began to feel that my arms were like threads falling into place, creating fabric, and that all I was was a wrinkle in a shirt, and that our entire universe was just a tiny little piece in another universe. For some reason, this left me with a feeling of sheer horror.

My girlfriend, who was babysitting me through my experience, was cleaning my desk when I came to. Evidently I didn't even make it to my bed before the trip hit, I sat in my chair swinging my arms, knocking everything off my desk. I knocked over my bubbler, my pipes, a glass of koolaid, etc. She said after that I got into my bed and kept moaning "where am I", although I have no recollection of moving whatsoever. I have no idea what happened during those 5 minutes, other then what I saw.

It was extremely unsettling, and more vivid than a dream. To anyone who might read this who is thinking about trying Salvia for the first time, I must warn you that your mind cannot even fathom what could potentially happen.

All in all, I'm glad I had the experience, but I was somewhat disappointed that all I saw was a bunch of arms and no pretty colors or anything.

My girlfriend is going to try it tonight. I almost don't want her to because I'd hate to see her scared out of her mind, but she's 18 and who am I to tell her what to do? Perhaps she'll be on here writing her story soon.


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