Salvia Trip

Blackout? 2 hours gone?


Posted by GreenDragon333 on 17/09/2008
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Type/Strength:Dried leaf
Method of Ingestion:40 minute Quid

1st quid ever - previous smoking with light visuals and very relaxing..

user made 8g of dried leaf quid in ice water for 10 minutes.. squeezed dry.. prepared for quid and by drinking one glass gatorade mixed with one shot of everclear (151 proof) and mixed in two drops of peppermint extract.. did the quid chew thingy for 30 - 40 minutes.. managed to hold sublingual except for about 3 swallows... no sitter

1st effects at about 15 minutes.. light headed.. mellow.. giddy.. can't laugh cuz might lose the quid.. lol..
2nd effect at about 20.. tv on with movie.. but in the movie.. lol.. weird..
3rd effect at about 25.. had to stand up and go outside.. sweating hard.. but coherent.. could here every conversation of every neighbor within 100 feet.. very strange..
4th effect at 30 - 35.. aware of bitter taste but not unpleasant.. spit the quid and all juice.. no swallowing.. returned into house.. turned off movie.. irritating..
5th effect.. full on visuals open eyed? .. there were about 5 - 7 layers of user and all objects in the room projecting outward or inward?.. unsure..
6th effect.. clock.. where did 2 hours go? can't account for time.. no clue.. sweating heavily.. back outside to cool off..
7th effect.. still coherent and visuals diminishing.. still mellow but peak is past and slowly returning but slightly confused.. tried to have a alcoholic drink.. blah.. was repulsive.. decided to go to sleep..
AM.. woke refreshed.. clear..


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