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Blue Laughter


Posted by Anonymous on 28/06/2010
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Method of Ingestion:Gravity Bong

My first salvia trip was probably the most intense. A friend and I decided to do it one day out of the blue, we bought some from a street smoke shop (as it is still legal in NYC) not really knowing much about dosage or strength or anything. Just bought "the pretty" one.
Back in the apartment we made a quick home-made gravity bong and proceeded to sit side by side on the couch while loading the bong.
My friend was first to go as she had tried it before and I hadn't. I quickly followed and took a fairly large hit, held it in, coughed it out. We both laid back, I looked straight forward, and I suddenly started to feel noticeably lighter as if the world had lost all form of gravity and suddenly started laughing...hysterically, my friend and I held on to each other and started crying from the most intense laughter I had ever felt. I felt as if my entire body was somehow vibrating in synch with the pitch and pace of my laughter. We went for another hit each.
This was extremely difficult as we were shaking from how hard we were laughing, needless to say a lot of salvia was spewed everywhere.
Second hit was all it took. I held it in as long as I could again, and coughed it. This time when I laid back on the couch, I looked up and saw the lights of my ceiling start to dance, then swirl and mesh into each other. They turned a vivid orange/pink and began to zoom towards me like space ships. I felt my body disappear and all fundamental laws of physics with it. The television stand in front of me began sprouting roots and formed into a giant tree with a face very similar to the tree in the movie "Pocahontas". My entire vision then got shrouded in the color blue. everything I saw was blue. At this point I had lost contact with reality and was forced back to Earth when my roommate walked in. The sudden shock of seeing my roommate, and having him demanding what was wrong with us, thrust me into a panic attack. I felt intense fear, I began to back away from him, I felt no pain as I fell off the couch and proceeded to try and hide under the couch. His shoes appeared to have monster faces, and his laces where snakes (medusa). I grabbed a hold of a lamp for support and it looked like a limp twisted noodle in my hand. I then looked up and saw thousands of rainbow colored animals migrating across my ceiling.
For several minutes afterwards I layed in bed with my friend just trying to calm down. The trip had given both of us a sudden high fever (105ยบ).
It was febuary, with ice on the ground, and when i had went downstairs for a cigarette about 5-10 minutes after my trip ended I was sweating purfosely. This lasted about 45 minutes along with a very "stoned" feeling and then life returned to normal, like as if that hour in my life had never existed.


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Posted by nickb47 on 07/13/2010
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eifel 65 - blue hahaha

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