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Posted by GreenDragon333 on 12/06/2009
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Type/Strength:Smoke Mix / X + mix
Method of Ingestion:Ice Pipe

I rolled out of bed and packed the bowl. Then I did my daily.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh !!!

What to do now? Have a drink. Ya that's the ticket.

By 9 AM I was feeling real good. So I went back to the bar. New drink. And a new smoke.

Back in my chair going through weird ego trips. But still feeling good.

Spent the whole day hitting the bong with different mixes and salvia X.

Well now it is 10 PM and i am going to finish with a good read. I have some great books.

Tomorrow I am going to work and have a wakeup call with Kava instead of coffee.



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Posted by divinorum_dude on 07/03/2009
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Great post. :-D

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