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Borderline Spirtual Awakening


Posted by Love4TheTrip on 06/01/2011
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Method of Ingestion:Smoking

So basically I had tried Salvia previously once before the experience I am about to share with you.

The first time I ever tried Salvia I smoked the 7x. I smoked a little less than half a gram when I started to feel weight, like hands on my shoulders pushing me down, then guiding me to the couch. I sat down on the couch, and felt the room go sideways. I had no fear, although I felt the need to hold on as I was still relatively in touch with reality, I knew I would not fall, as now I was apart of the couch, not just the couch, but my whole universe, which was not contained by the walls, as they were gone, warping past my peripheral vision.

While intense as that was, that has nothing on what happened the 3rd time I smoked Salvia.

The next day a friend and I went and picked up some more Salvia as we had greatly enjoyed the previous days experience.

This time around we bought the 20x. We knew we had tripped before, but that was nothing compared to how hard we could trip.

I packed a small bowl into a glass pipe, I rip it a few times, and I start to feel it set in. I ended up getting mad at my friends sister, as she was being really negative and it was scaring me. I lashed out at her verbally, and got up, walked outside, and waited. About a minute later I came too outside. I went back inside and apologized for how I acted, although I did explain myself and that it wasn't all me.

We then proceeded to take turns tripping, my friend E, and then his sister K. It was finally my turn again.

I took 3 fat rips from the fresh bowl. I felt it set in and I leaned back into the couch. At first I felt slightly high, but then again I became part of the couch. I felt as though I was riding the energy, not so much riding it, but being part of the energy myself. I then witnessed what I can only describe as Ursula from The Little Mermaid, with me, talking to me, and to be honest, I couldn't tell you a word she said. At this point I was in multiple planes, the same place, just 2 different understandings of the same reality. It was almost like the matrix, when Neo and Morpheus are surrounded by nothingness, sounds cliche but that's seriously what it was like.

To be honest, the trip is like a fleeting memory, to be remembered like a dream. I remember parts, but afterward despite what I do or don't remember, I can't even possibly fathom having felt this connected to the universe. I actually look at the world differently, I have a little more understanding that we as humans are all connected.


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