Salvia Trip

Born Again


Posted by ka0sx on 10/12/2008
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Method of Ingestion:Hand Crafted wood pipe

Up until this point i have grown salvia and have never actually tried it.
I got together with some friends and we first smoked the hookah, I threw a little bit of saliva in. It was slightly mind altering at that point but the feeling went away quite shortly.

I was not satisfied with this, I wanted something more.

I pulled out pipe and packed a full bowl, the lighter was struck and the flame tickled the saliva. I inhaled a full breath, the smoke slightly burned as it passed through my throat, but almost instantaneously I began to feel different. I held my breath and barely managed to put the pipe down, I laid back on my bed with my head on a pillow and exhaled.
The trip had started my vision blanked, there was only a water surface off in the distance a light shining through it. I was floating upwards towards this light with no body, just a longing sensation of reaching out towards the light. When i began to come to I was sitting up mouth full of saliva, I swallowed, I realized that I was soaking with sweat, i removed my socks and backed up on the bed, I had a terrified sensation, This had been the scariest moment in my life that had passed. 7 minutes of it.
The trip however was still not over, my vision was echoed... trailing... I was still terrified, at the time I swore I would never try salvia again. After The trip wore off I asked my friends to leave. I needed some alone time too cool off.
After I had relaxed a bit I realized that this is the feeling I have always wanted to feel.
The sensation was that of... the best way i can put it in words... being born anew.


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Posted by ka0sx on 12/10/2008
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I would like to add. The salvia also had a great impact on my psyche, over the next couple of weeks I noticed I had been a lot happier.

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