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Bugged out sooo hard


Posted by Anonymous on 29/03/2011
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Type/Strength:purple sticky salvia 80x
Method of Ingestion:bowl

i dont even know how to explain what this was like. I have fairly minimal experience with psychedelics i am more of an alcohol and kinda guy.

I was with my friends dan and john in dans basement, john had gotten some 80x salvia from his brother. both dan and john had tripped on salvia once or twice before and had done acid e and dxm multiple times, this being my first time i wanted them to go first so i knew what i was getting into. Both of them took there hits and started acting really messed up and were laughing uncontrollably. After seeing this some of my nerves went away cuz they both seemed to be having really good trips. They started to come down a little after about 4 or 5 minutes, dan walked over to me and packed a fairly large bowl, i later found out that the bowl pack was intended for me and for them to take another hit. I took a small hit because i was pretty nervous and didnt want to over do it for my first time because i bug out pretty easily, even smoking to much weed sometimes makes me slightly paranoid. I took the hit and held it in, i felt slightly light headed but that was about it. That first hit might have had something to do with why my second hit ended up being so intense
I decided that i really wanted to trip and took my second hit. I torched the whole bowl and got a very large hit. I resisted coughing because i didnt want this smoke to get out. I held it in as long as i could and within about 10 or 15 seconds of holding it in i exhaled. I remember feeling really hazy and disoriented. I blew my hit out the window of dans bathroom and got down off the chair i was standing on to reach the window. I tried to walked out of the bathroom to go and join my friends. I got to the door way and everything went black.
The best way i could summarize the feeling was extremely unnatural. I had never been that intoxicated in my life. I felt like i had the spins that i would normally get from being to drunk or to twisted but times 100. Apparently i was standing straight up throughout the whole trip but it felt like i was being pulled downwards to left over and over. I wouldnt even classify it as a trip but more of a gigantic mind f*ck. I wish i hadnt taken such a big hit because i felt like i was to disorriented and confused to even enjoy the whole experience plus the fact that the peak came so fast and unexpectedly that i didnt even realize that i was on a drug untill i started coming down.All of my senses were completely scrambled, i had forgotten who i was where i was and who i was with. I would best compare it to getting knocked out and having that confused feeling of just waking up for about 5 minutes. anyway everything that was in front of me was no longer there i felt as if i was in a different world or state of conciseness. The visual hallucinations that i was able to remember were fairly minimal, i remember thinking that i was in a field looking at a rotating wind mill.
My perspective then changed to me looking from the top corner of the room looking down at myself with my hands on my head looking very nervous and uneasy. My friends later informed me that that was exactly what i looked like. This all took place within the first minute but the idea of time didnt seem to exist so it didnt feel like it didnt feel like a long time or a short time it felt like i had left the actual time line and was on a different plane of reality.
That was the first part of the trip, (it seemed to come in waves) The second part was me starting to realize that was a person and i had an identity but i still wasnt sure who or where i was. I started to get used to the state of mind i was in and i began to try and reason and attempt to figure out what was going on. I was still unaware that my mind was this way because i had smoked salvia. The more i tried to fight the feeling the more i panicked. I began to have horrible feeling of being clueless and lost because my mind wasnt working the way my instincts told me it should work. I tried as hard as i could to jump back into the reality that my mind and body was used to, at the time it had seemed like i was stuck that way. I was terrified. It was as if i knew that my mind was not functioning normally but at the same time i had no clue what normal what normal actually was. I felt trapped within my own head.
During the 3rd part of the trip I started to come down a little bit and found a little bit more mental clarity. Multiple ideas went through my head. one was that i had passed out and that i was in the process of waking up, i held on to this idea for a little bit but then realized that i was not feeling any different and i came to terms with the fact that i was not going to wake up.
This was now established in my head as a fact, i felt 100 percent sure that there was no hope of returning to normality. After coming to terms with this i came to the conclusion that i was either dead or in the process of dying. I started having a severe panic attack. My heart was racing, i felt like everything was ending and i wanted nothing more for it to be over or for me to wake up realize i was dreaming. I continued to try and cling to what was left of what i perceived as sanity.
The 4th part was very odd. the visual hallucinations started to fade and i saw both of my friends staring at me and saying something but i couldnt really interpret what it was . The sight of them made me realize who i was. There words started to become more clear, I realized that i had smoked salvia and that the events i had just experienced were part of the trip. I had alot of trouble putting my thoughts into words and then while thinking out loud i said salvia my voice sounded very deep. I started to walk around and everything looked like it was rippling. I was really shaken up. I was finally back to a normal state of mind, but i also felt really disoriented and hazy.
The whole experience was way to much for me to handle. I was not at all ready for what salvia had in store for me. The after glow of feeling kind of weak and shaken up lasted for about an hour. I would never do it again. It was to crazy for me. I would only recommend doing it you have experience with tripping or if you have a significantly less potent form of salvia. I did not exaggerate any of this, it was every bit as intense as i described it.


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Posted by Letgo on 05/03/2011
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No, you did not exaggerate any of the trip. I think you put it very well written. I have had the same experience with the 3rd part of your trip.

I was able to tell myself that the intensity of it all would only last a few minutes, but I had no sense of time. As humans, we fear what we don't understand. Life is a learning process, and I want to learn more about our minds and conciousness. "Push the envelope, watch it bend" :)

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