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Carnival Pt. 2


Posted by 911aware on 22/02/2009
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Type/Strength:stand. extr. 5x
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In "Carnival", a previous post, I described the philosophical result of experience and forewent the descriptions of my physical and mental reactions to Lady Salvia. This time, I will try to account for all my other perceptions about the experience, not just the philosophy that developed from the experience.

My most recent experience with Lady Salvia was very similar to the first report. There weren't any great revelations about myself, but this time it seemed as if I were prepared to pay closer attention to what was actually happening to me. This included looking around at the environment I was taken to.

Normally, I like to enjoy salvia with a regular bowl of herb. A very conservative sprinkling on pot is an enjoyable, mood lifting experience that is a nice end to the day--very minor hallucinations and a hold-to-hold-back giggle is not threatening or to intense. This time, as the last (profound) time, would have to rate the experience as a level 4 and a half. The reason I give the extra half point was because of my ability to remain connected to this world (more or less), yet still have perception of the other normally prohibited world that I'm getting a glance of.

I sat back in my brown leather recliner chair and took one good bong hit. Being a little hesitant of a bong and not the normal pipe hit, I blew the hit out pretty quickly. The salvia gave me a slight body tingling, but it was teasing me. If I didn't take another, this would be the only feeling I would get. Lady Salvia would not let me dangle my toe in the pond to test the temp--she wants you to jump in.

I took one more bong hit and held it for 10 seconds. I sat back in the chair. I sat back in the chair, and time...time slowed down. I felt the carnival ride I spoke of before to be accurate, in that there was an effect of centrifugal force creating the motion of life and the universe.

Time and space seemed to shoot through me like sheets. I had read a report from someone else experiencing being able to see through frames of time, and they tried to throw their bong in between the framing time. I suppose this was pretty much the same, but I was glued to the chair at this point. Arms were heavy, breaths seemed to be getting deeper.

My analytical mind started trying to snap me back to reality, and take hold of something in the room. The dog came in, and his steps were extremely slow. I thought at first he was hurt and favoring a leg, but no...he was moving in slow motion, and I could see now waves of reality washing down upon us.

When I described the fact that I finally understand string theory, I wasn't able to describe why at that point. I was able at this point to imagine the continual vibrations of the universe pulsing through the fabric of reality. Motion is necessary for life...motion of vibration. Everything in this reality is made of energy fields that get manipulated by the vibrating universe. A machine..machine created by God which creates the vibrations of existence.

Spinning, pulsing and pressing my consciousness against the wheel. The wheel was my brain being a conduit for the higher consciousness. Normally, we exist in a state where we are unaware of the force that causes us to keep our faces in the water of this reality. Suddenly, I realized that salvia allows us to lighten our consciousness enough that the centrifugal force of the wheel of consciousness has less effect.

When I allowed myself to "pick my head up" and look around, I saw another reality not meant to be seen. I didn't feel like this was completely taboo, but felt a sense of shame of my naked mind. There was a ripping of time and space before me that spread apart like looking from the inside out of a clam shell, and my little world of a clam was opened to the grandeur of the universe.

I realized as my ego was beginning to shed, that reality as I knew it was a facade. A hologram of vibration that I chose to be a part of. This was the carnival ride perception I felt from before.

I was very heavy in my chair, but I was hanging on. Similar to swinging on a play ground, I was working to hang on to reality while looking around. I saw behind me, a pair of eyes staring at me, and I was in the handle of the machine scraping along to crate the vibrations that create reality. This must be Lady Salvia. It was a god-headish figure that resembled the artwork of royalty on a deck of cards. Elaborate head-dress, defined reds and oranges with fractal-like details that appeared infinite.

Looking to my sides, there were infinite versions of myself sitting in chairs similar to mine, but at different times. Time was stretching, and I was able to see the multiverse as it was multiple versions of myself in every point in time making a tapestry of reality and existence.

I cried out for my wife, not suspecting she wouldn't hear me. I was reaching for my temporal existence at this point, since time had stopped at this point. I was able to roll back these pages of reality to see my dog walking back into the room. I became pretty unconformable at this point, and was wanting to put my face back in the water.

Vibrations of time began collapse, and again, and I knew I was starting to come back. I was still swinging and feeling the waves of reality washing over my frontal cerebral cortex, but my mind was now focusing on the here-and-now more and more.

I stood up, quite shaken, and my balance was off. I collapsed back in my chair, and my breath turned into a sigh of relief. I was covered in sweat. A cold, clammy sweat that dissipated quickly.

I came down stairs and sat with my wife, feeling guilty of escaping the ride we are taking together. Soon, that guilt turned to appreciation of my experience, and once I was able to process it, felt an appreciating for the life I have built. As fictitious as life may be, it is incredibly important to the rest of the universe, as this seems to be the proving ground for something greater.


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Posted by Salviavation on 02/25/2009
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Amazing. When I tried the first time on 30x and came back, I was asked to describe it and the best terms I could put it under is "It was like a Carnival". The thing is there were no rides or shows going on, but the atmosphere and feeling I obtained was closely related to the jestful atmosphere of a carnival. For people who argue that it is just a hallucinagenic that is a mind altering substance and nothing more, i pose the question of how can two or more different people experience almost the exact same thing?


Posted by 911aware on 03/04/2009
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i don't think this is simply a hallucination. I have a weird feeling this helps your pineal gland release a small amount of DMT. Or at a minimum, lady salvia shows us the doorway to time itself. you are also not the only one i have talked to that has said this. Our common experiences may point to something even more mystical and grand than we can imagine.


Posted by 911aware on 03/04/2009
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Posted by BigTouch on 09/20/2009
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thats amazing, i do have to say tho, to the question: i pose the question of how can two or more different people experience almost the exact same thing?

an easy answer would be that all humans have brains that work on the exact same principles, such that the harder thing to explain is the differences in experiences.
the common theme of a deeper fabric of reality is very understandable and is as wide-spread as the idea of religion in the human psyche.

don't mean to disagree or detract from the wonder of it all, mealy presenting a more scientifically conventional view.

who knows the truth? reality is weird :P


Posted by Synchronium on 09/20/2009
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BigTouch - finally, a scientific opinion! I totally agree with you. Nothing is "uncovered", but the chemistry of our minds is altered. I could talk about this forever, so I won't.

Cheers for the comment.

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