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Posted by Meditationer on 25/03/2009
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Hey, please consider this one... I am a newbie to Salvia. I am really into meditation and have been for over a year now and have now fully dedicated myself to become spiritually Awakened one day by meditating everyday and finding all the knowledge to gain this Enlightenment. A lot of crap has happened in my life especially recently... but ok trying to keep this simple and straight up...

I am 17 years old. My personality is probably unlike any other. probably partly due to the fact that I been an on and off pothead since I was about 14... But now I decided to let it all go and quit that crap for good due to the fact of the knowledge I have gained from recently reading "The Navigator" by Eric Pepin, My one and only role model, who is one of the truely awakened spiritual persons on the face of this beautiful planet, and how I got into Meditation by using his foundation Meditation set.

Anyways, the way I think is probably considerably unique... I tend to not let emotions get the better of me. I try to find the simplest ways to do things, and I can learn things fairly fast if I realy want to and commit myself. I like to focus on tackling one task at a time effectively rather than worry about other things even if they are equally important althought I could be fairly good at multi-tasking, as I play the piano. Although I really do enjoy being around people who are honest and open minded, I do feel somewhat uncomfortable around people who are cocky or only live life to get attention or who are very limited to their way of thinking... Although I could deal with it.

I guess the reason I didn't quit smoking weed before, (the only substance I used besides alcohol), Is because where I live, Is so boring, ALOT of people smoke weed. And also due to the fact that weed affects me, or I should say affected me, (since I build up considerable tolerance to the drug) in a way where it was such a desireable feeling and I enjoyed that way of thinking. But now I realize it would only slow my awakening, and although I did take a few big breaks from it, My last one being about 9 or 10 months, It wont ever hit me like it did the first year or 2 due to the nature of me still growing and my brain becoming more developed so to speak.

Anyways, I will get to where im at now... With weed out of me now but still around me, (I say now because I took my final hits today with some friends before I decided to let it go), I am fully commited doing whatever it takes to open my mind In a safe, effective matter...

Another thing that must be noted, is that a part of my brain, seems to constantly wanting to know what is going on or what another person is thinking or feeling if i am around somone. At times, when I least expect it, for like a nano second, I could tap, sort of speak into the other person and I feel what they feel or their personality. I guess due to the fact that I meditate on my mind chaukra... this is uncontrollable for me and I only want to gain more control of it, of course in a responsible manner.

Oh and I do have De Ja Vu moments and is it is becoming more profound with time and meditation. But it is in a way, again, when I least expect it and it happeneds in a way for me, that by the time I try to analize why I had it, it makes little to no sense to me, which should become revalational with time foward as it probably has something to do with memory. (Weed limits memory)

My first Salvia experience was last night, at a friends house in his bedroom. Boy was it a beyond bad experience. It was with a water-pipe using a normal lighter. Since I got the Salvia at a headshop in Austin, TX, where I visited my sister, who bought it for me, I am not sure of the equalivalent of the "X" potency it is. They were sold in little boxes, and were catergorized by color, starting with green, orange, red, purple, then gold. My guess is that its 10x, 20x, 30x, 40x, 60-80x?... not too sure.

Anyways, they were sold by the half gram. So I told her to buy me the Red and Purple since the man didn't allow us the gold. (Now that I think of it, I am glad of it as I dont think I am ready for it) Which came out to $50.00. Now at this point I am very happy thinking that when I do it, I am going to have an extraordinary trip that will uplift me. So not the case.

Anyways, I waited pateintly for the next few days to do it when I get back home. When I finally arrived I eagerly called a friend and told him of the Salvia I got, so he invited me to spend a night. When we got to his house, we chilled in his room for a good 3 hours before his parent feel asleep and he let me take a shower before we were to light up the Salvia.

Him, wanting to trip already, and Me, not knowing what to expect and getting nervous by the minute before lighting it, (last meditation session was about 15 hours before this and it wasn't the best session) I open the Red box, and get enough for 2 bowls ready. He took the first hit, a casual hit. Then me not knowing if I was ready, finish his bowl, then I pack in the 2nd bowl, and take a huge hit...... (by the way, I hadn't smoked weed about a week before this day)

I Kept it in for a good 15-20 seconds. The next things I know all my senses are gone, and I start to panic. I start getting very confused and disoriented. I remember I was panicing and the trip getting worse by the second. I also remember me trying to make sense of it all as the trip got worse. I Remember feeling a force pulling me down and all I could make out was the little visionary sense I had, but my memory failing even worse at this point. It seemed everything in the room was against me. The unknown force stacked in my mind constantly and made the trip worse making me think that this was the end and there was nothing I could do about it. And the more I tried to just surrender the more paniced I seemed to get. I though this force was going to take me somewhere and I wouldn't be able to return. Then the trip was finally over and only left me with mixed feelings, probably confusion being most the profound... As a came back, All I hear is my friend saying "life is good" I almost felt like crying, but more relieved that it was over. I remember sitting on the chair next to the bed, and I dont remember how i got from the bed to the chair... I was also sweating as if I sprinted a mile. Turns out it all happened in about 8 minutes. To me, I wouldn't know. It felt so long yet so fast... but probably more fast since I didn't remember most of it....

I was so tired and I just wanted to relax and be happy that I am finally back and not think about what happened. So he put a movie and I feel asleep after about 45 minutes... No dream recollections... When we woke up, I demanded to know what happened. and It turns out after I took the hit, I did panic, feel off the bed and I kept slurring "Help" for 5 minutes as I just grab on the edge of the bed from the floor, holding on for dear life. Then I got up and walked around the room feeling the walls and then sat on the chair. I do remember me holding on the bed, but It felt like I was on the other side of the bed he said I was. And I remember everything looking so fake. I was in a cartoon of hell... It was a bad trip for my friend and an extremely bad trip for me...

I dont want that to happen again. I was thinking next time I smoke my salvia with either a different sitter in a difference environment, or by myself in my room with a less hit with complete darkness, and either complete silence or the meditation music with binural technology on my ipod... I know I could have a good trip. And I guess the reason I had that bad trip is because there was someone else in the room. And that part of me that demands to know what is going on magnified and that is why I simply paniced and sweat. And of course my next experience will be after a good meditation session...


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