Salvia Trip



Posted by dougal on 05/11/2010
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Type/Strength:Quite high!
Method of Ingestion:water bong

Well, I was dubious. And scared. My friend had went before me, and went fucking ape-shit. Lolling his head on the table, and then sprinting to the corner of the room, screaming at the top of his lungs "AM I OUT? AM I OUT???" was unsettling, yet hilarious. He had been on a train, near the seaside. Then, he had seen us. Yet we were evil, trying to keep him on that train. So my time came, and so my vision was definitely inspired by this hellish train journey. I felt great at first, then sick. I was compelled to get up on my feet, so I did. I was surprised to recognise everything and everyone around me, I was fully in control, but fundamentally didn't want to know about any of it. Then the train tracks appeared. Sort of. Rushing towards me, I was a little bit concerned at their high velocity, so I raised my arm, attempting to halt them. Still, they rushed towards me, faster and faster, breaking through my arm and turning into dust. I was a fucking hero, a maverick. Those tracks didn't stand a chance. I WAS the train. And the train tracks were my bitch. I was then slowly aware of the sight that my friends must be observing, me shouting "fuck off!" with my arm raised, as if about to nudge someone, swaying slightly back and forth. Then it was over. My trip was complete. And it was quite nice. Very enjoyable indeed.


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Posted by grimjim on 11/18/2010
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Excellent. I'll buy a ticket for that ride. You were compelled to get up. LOL. Yes, that's it. Compelled is the right way to describe it sometimes. That's why you need a sitter, because you can feel compelled to get up and do something in your vision. You WERE the Train. Awesome. A good trip. Ready to go again? It can be a long trip sometimes, but oddly you always end up back at the same station.

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