Salvia Trip

City of faces


Posted by Anonymous on 31/05/2011
Avg Rating: Unrated

Type/Strength:Another world, intense feelindgs
Method of Ingestion:smoke

This experience was nothing as i expected. tool a few tokes of it and after that the world changed. The truck i was sitting turned into a city of my friends faces. As i tried to open the door everything went crazy.the faces appeared everywhere as if a rollercoaster of fractals and faces were filling the desert ground. i turned to the truck and saw a camper instead and walking felt like trying to run through water. my body was extremely heavy and it was surreal. the sky was filled with trailing clouds and red sunsets. as it started wearing off i came back to reality. I felt a little off and i began to appreaciate nature more. i no longer look at things with greed or just subtle boredom, but i look at things with a more insightful and deep meaningful way. The visions i experienced were intense and very psychedelic. This is not meant to be abused but meant to be explored.


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